Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas to all! And stitching too!

First. I want to thank all of you for the wonderful comments to my blog. Especially the ones about my Rory. I try to thank you as I get each one but sometimes your email address isn't available. But I do love your comment just the same.
Second. I want to say sorry for being such a bad blogger lately. Sigh. Life just seems to fly by and before I know it another week has past. Now here it is almost Christmas and almost the end on another year. My oh my.Stitchers are such warm, kind and generous people. Not only are you all who read my blog dear to my heart but imagine my surprise when a package arrived from an address I didn't recognize. A fellow stitcher and blogger had gifted me with some jewelry to help replace some of what was stolen in the robbery. I can never thank Cindy enough. Such a sweet and generous thing to do and one that I will cherish always. This photo does not do justice to the lovely things she sent me. Thank you Cindy from the bottom of my heart.

Rory even tried to help with my stitching!
For the past month or so I have been stitching like crazy (when Rory lets me) but I can't show you any of it yet. I've stitched 8 ornaments so far and have two more to go by New Year's. I've also stitched two samplers and another piece for one of my brothers. I am never sure who looks at my blog and who doesn't so after Christmas there will be lots of stitchy photos. I am looking forward to Christmas Day and a new start. I have it all kitted up and waiting. What, you ask? I am going to stitch up You are my Sunshine by La D Da. A song I have always sung to my nieces and nephews when they were little and now sing to Rory.

I knew I had a number of things to get done before Christmas so I didn't sign up for any exchanges. I hope to get back to them in the New Year. I only have a few photos of the ones I did in October. Unfortunately the other photos were on the camera that was stolen. Here are some of the pieces I did before the Christmas stitching rush began. Including a finish that I did in October.
HOE Autumn exchange stitched by Edgar

HOE Words of Christmas from Meari

HOE Autumn exchange stitched by me.

I have had a very hard time getting into the spirit of the season this year. Even though it has been three years since my Mom passed I seem to miss her more each Christmas. In her memory I did put up the Christmas village. That was always her favorite part of decorating. I have many photos of her sitting on the floor both putting the village out and showing it to the grandchildren. Here is my version for this year.

Last weekend I finally put up the tree. It's for Rory. Really it is. If you look carefully you'll see that all or almost all the ornaments are dog related. So it is Rory's tree.
Until next time Rory and I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas filled with love and laughter. And may the New Year Bless us all with good healthy and many happy times.

Love and stitches
and licks from Rory too

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Rory story for the holidays

Once upon a time there was a good little red haired pup named Rory. He wanted so much to be a good boy for his Mommy. On Thanksgiving he helped her cook a turkey with all the trimmings. He nicely sat and said Grace before he quietly waited for his turkey. He didn't beg or whine for more.

The day after this feast he knew Mommy wanted to start getting into the Christmas season by taking those silly photos for her cards. He posed and smiled and was such a very good boy.

Then it was time to go see Santa. This redheaded boy knew just what he wanted to ask Santa for. More toys and lots of yummy bones to chew on. While waiting to see Santa he even made a new friend, Dreamer the mini-horse, who was waiting to have his picture taken too!

Santa was so nice and patient and Rory posed with antlers on and finally with his Santa hat.
The next weekend he went to see Santa again. But this time Rory wasn't as good at posing for the camera. He decided to let Santa rub his belly instead.
That should have been his Mommy's warning. Not 20 minutes after they got home there was a CRASH!!@##$% Uh Oh.

Rory swears he didn't do it. Hmmmmmmmmmm. His Mommy doesn't believe that. She tells him he better behave or she is going to have to talk to Santa again.

The very next day his Mommy is doing some more decorating and Rory just wanted to play. Well, this time he got a little tangled in the garland. But this time his Mommy laughed and made him lay down while she got the Santa hat and the camera.

Rory and I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving and are almost ready for Christmas. I know I'm not. But I'm working on it. Now if only a certain four-footed little boy of mine would only let me stitch.

Until next time..........................
Love and stitches
and Rory too

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Catch up part 2

In my previous post I told you about my awful September. And was I thankful when that month was over.
Rory's new trick. His idea of giving a hug!
Getting ready for the show

October began with two busy weekends of dog shows. Just what I needed to help put September behind me. Both weekends were wonderful. Getting together with good friends and spending all that quality time with Rory. Rory didn't win but did get one point towards his Grand Championship. (He'll need 25 points for that title.) It had been a couple of months since his last show and the first weekend of shows Rory decided to play games in the ring. Dancing and sitting and just being obnoxious! He was so bad that my local setter friends now call it a Rory when their dogs decide not to behave in the show ring!! Rory and I had a long talk and I had to be rather stern but he was a good boy in the ring the next weekend. I was happy with that. Since Rory is still very young I am not going to enter him in anything until after New Years. I'm giving him a little time to mature and grow coat. Then in late January/early February he should be ready to get back into the show ring. I can't wait.
Ferry Ride Home After the Shows

October also meant Halloween and what would any holiday be without some silly costume photos of Rory? A local pet store held a Howl-o-ween parade and costume contest so of course we had to go. Rory won third prize. Not bad. Of course first would have been better. Just kidding. I had three different costumes this year for Rory. So here are some photos. He is such a good model. :)His Royal Highness -- King Rory!

Sir Rory -- My Knight in Shining Armor
Super Rory--My Hero

This brings us to November. I have been spending my weekends relaxing and stitching and playing with my new camera. And of course taking photos of my favorite subject. As for stitching I did the bulk of my exchange stitching in late September and October. Unfortunately I don't have many photos since I didn't get the new camera until the end of October and most of my stitching photos were on the camera and laptop that was stolen. I promise to take some new stitching photos for my next update. Instead I'll leave you with some of Rory in the fall foliage.
Until next time Rory and I wish each and everyone of you a Happy Thanksgiving filled with good food, love and laughter.

Love and stitches
and Licks from Rory too

PS. One other nice thing that happened in October was that a former co-worker interviewed me about my love of my Irish setters for his blog. If you like you can find the article HERE. The article is called Kathy and her Irish Setters. What else? Link