Thursday, October 30, 2008

Second post

Oh my, where does the time go? Well, I never promised to blog daily. Nope. Ain't gonna happen. :)

I had such high hopes of downloading photos from my camera and uploading them here over the weekend. Why not you ask? Okay, I will try and give you an example.

Friday night began fine with tv and stitching. A short break around 9PM to put my Mom to bed. By 11 I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer so I take myself off to bed. I never fall asleep right away, so wish I could. Anyway I'm asleep by midnight and then at 3:15 my Mom wakes and starts calling. (She has congestive heart failure and numerous other health issues. I have a monitor in my room so I can hear her if she has any problems. Since she can't walk or even get up she is dependent on me. )

I go see what she wants. "I don't know." she tells me. I tell her to go back to sleep as it isn't even 3:30 AM. Back to bed. 15 minutes later I hear "Oh God, please help me. Oh God, please help me, Oh....." You get the picture. Get up again and go see what's wrong. "I have a headache." I give her a tiny drop of her pain med in the hopes that we can go back to sleep.

4AM I'm finally back to bed. Only I am so tired that next thing I know it is after 8 in the morning! Get up, make coffee, set up my Mom's meds, set up her breakfast, drink my first cup and go get my Mom up. Wash and dress her, lift her into her wheelchair and wheel her to the kitchen for breakfast. As soon as I make sure she has her meds and coffee, juice, water and breakfast I go back and clean up her bedroom, commode and bathroom. Then it's time to get Mom settled in her chair in the living room with her breathing treatment. Gather the laundry and get started with the four loads that need to be done by noon.

My Mom's hospice nurse calls to let us know she will be over for her weekly visit between 11 and 12. Great. I guess I better go get dressed myself.

Nurse comes. That's another 30-45 minutes. Opps, go put the fourth load of laundry on before my sister comes over to sit with Mom. (Long, long story but I prefer not to be home when she comes over and this way Mom isn't alone while I do errands.)

12:30 PM. Of to the laundromat to dry the washed clothes. I have a washing machine but no dryer. (Another long story. Sigh) I also have to stop at a couple of places. Pet store, two grocery stores for their sales, the pharmacy, gas for the car. Back to the laundromat to fold the clothes.

Home by 2:15. Put the laundry away, take my Mom to the commode, give her lunch. It is now almost 3:30 and I still have one more grocery store to go to. I also want to get to Michael's for a couple of things to finish off an ornament. Once my Mom is settled I'm off again to finish those errands.

Back home by 5. Put everything away. Take Mom to the commode again. Make dinner. Soup and sandwich. I am too beat to cook anything. It's now 6:30 PM. I still have to spend half an hour trying to get my Mom to do a few exercises.

Do that, straighten up the kitchen and it is almost 8 PM. I think I can now sit down and put my feet up, watch some tv and stitch!

Now that was Saturday. See why I didn't have time to download those photos? :)
I'll leave Sunday to another blog post.

Until next time........ keep those needles humming.



Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New to Blogland

My very first posting. :)
I am single and the primary care giver for my elderly mother who isn't well and lives with me. I have been stitching for a number of years. (We won't say how many! LOL) Both my grandmother's did needlework and I learned from them.

I work full time and care for my Mom so my days are rather busy. Stitching is my downtime, my relaxation, my sanity. I usually try to stitch two or three hours a day. Especially while watching TV and keeping my Mom company.

I follow a number of blogs out here in blogland. I figured it was time to create my own. No photos yet. I'll work on that while I try and figure out the ins and outs of blogger. :)

If you happen to find me here please leave a comment. Be gentle. I'm new at this. :)

Oh, before I forget my stitching photos can be found on webshots.

Until next time......................... Keep those needles humming