Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Long Lazy Weekend Update

This is a fob that I did for a friend and since she got it last week I can finally show off my finish. I love what it says. Kind of the theme for this post. LOL Heck I should probably stitch one for my front door!

Here is the back:

This is an older freebie from 4 My Boys. I looked for it so I could link to it but it doesn't seem to be available. Sorry.

I used Carries Creations floss, DMC on 22 ct over one. I love making these fobs. They are actually pretty simple to put together.
I hope everyone had a good weekend and enjoyed the extra day off. I know I did.

To start the weekend I made a quick trip out to my LNS for her Nashville market show. Of course I picked up a few things. Can't make that trip and leave empty handed now can I? :) I was good and picked up the new Little House pattern and one by Simple Stitches.

Then it was off to Joanns to take advantage of the sale on DMC and I needed a ribbon for another fob. I also found a bunch of fabric on sale! Small packages for 97 cents and the tubes for 1.97. What a bargain! And with the extra coupon I got an additional 10 percent off! Great Sale.

Not counting the floss this is some of what I came out with:

After a few more errands I decided to try some more dyeing of the fabric I had gotten. I did some 28 ct monaco and a bunch of 18 ct. The photo below shows some of the results.

Now to decide what to stitch on these?

Which brings me to the rest of my weekend.

I did get a lot of stitching done this weekend. But NO finishes. I seemed to have the hardest time concentrating on one design. I kitted up about 8 different patterns and started 3. I probably would have started even more but it was late. I was tired and I knew I had to go to work today.

So here are my current works in progress.

1. This is a pattern by Sunflower Seed called Breathing Lessons. I'm stitching this on a 14 ct aida with gold flecks. I'm using a mix of Weeks Dye and DMC. The 14 ct is restful after all the small count pieces I've been doing. :)

2. Lizzie Kate's snippet, Don't get your tinsel in a Tangle. I'm using one of my hand dyed piece of fabric. A 22 ct. I'm hoping that will allow this piece to be small enough for an ornament. I'm also using DMC and a silver krenik braid for the word tinsel. After all tinsel should be silver. Right? I like the way it looks.

This is a quickie and I will probably be finished with it tonight. After taking this photo, downloading it, etc, I continued stitching and only have the last word and border left to do. I think I will make this into a fob for myself. What do you think?

This one isn't one of the starts from this weekend but one I have been working on for the last two weeks. SO it is a truer WIP.
I'm still not 100 percent comfortable stitching on linen, especially the over two so my progress on this one is much slower. I am hoping this is the year that I become more proficient on linen and evenweave. So far I can honestly say I have mastered the over one. It may cause some eye strain on the smaller counts but I do like the look.
As for the over two? Well, I guess that just takes more practice. Slowly but surely I'll get there.
Nancy, Carolyn and Cynthia, thank you so very much for your prayers and concerns about my brother. Bill's surgery went well and he says he feels better than he expected to. Especially since he had similar surgery last spring. :( He is now awaiting the biopsy results before the doctor decides what the next step will be.
Well, back to work. :)
Until next time...........
Love and stitches


Meari said...

Your fabrics look great, Kathy... as do your projects!

Alice said...

Wow Kathy!! You are taking off so fast I have dirt in me eyes!!

Patricia said...

WOW Kathy you have been stitching all your projects look great and I love the fabric I really have to try that I love the blue I have lots of projects that would suit that fabric.
4 the boys designer will not be designing anymore I read this on a site someplace not positive if this is true I hope not even though I have not stitched anything by her I like her designs.
Take care HUGS

Patti said...

Wow Kathy you sure have stitched a lot and dyed fabric too - boy am I impressed. Patti xxx

Milly~ said...

I love the fob. I got that piece stitched from a friend and turned it into a pinkeep. Love the monaco you dyed...nice job.

Rene la Frog said...

Great stitching! I love that LK and have it on my wish list. Your fabric came out beautiful, great colors.

Donna said...

Where do I even start? I love the fabric. It looks so professional and so pretty.
The stitching is fabulous! Just love it all.
And you are going quick, quick, quick! WOW!
See I stitch a little, admire a little, stitch a little, look at how I going to finish it, stitch a little, show it to anyone who is around... You get the picture!

Cindy F. said...

Kathy, your fob is just too cute!
and you really racked up on some great stash:) I love those kind of bargains!
Love the fabric you've dyed. I wish I had the confidence! Great results!
Great new starts and wip:)
My thoughts and prayers are with your brother and you and your family.

Carolyn NC said...

Wow - what fabulous stitching and dyeing fabrics! Glad your brother is recovering nicely - praying for his biopsy results. And your fob is so true - never enough stash!!!

Fatema said...

I love the fob you made.
The fabric you dyed is also nice.
Good luck with your other WIPs.

Nancy said...

All your fobs are fab!!! I wish you could come over and get some things started for me! I seem to have a mental block as what to start! So just keep working on what I have going. Love your dying jobs, they will make some wonderful finishes. Stitching over 2 will feel natural soon! Glad your brother is feeling better and hope the biopsy turns up nothing!

Ellen said...

Love your scissor fob. The monaco fabrics are beautiful, I love the colors. Happy stitching with your various projects.


Ranae said...

I love the FOB.
Your dyeing fabrics are gorgeous as is your stitching.
Great bargains you snagged there.

Mylene said...

Your scissor fob looks great!
You have a good start on all your new projects.

Jean said...

Wow! That was a chock full post! Love the stitching and envy the stash. I imagine a nice Halloween on the one dark hand dyed fabric.

I've had a question on my blog and no one seems to have an answer but you touched on it. You said you kitted up some pieces. When you kit, do you just put a whole skein of floss in it or do you measure some out? If you measure out a certain number of strands - how do you estimate how much floss you need??

Your fob is finished so beautifully. I have to get better at finishing my pieces.

Kelly said...

You have been busy! Love your fabrics and your stitching is beautiful! xxx

Katrien said...

love that fob!
great new stash, wish I had a Joan's here, lol.
All your stitching looks great.
Katrien - ILCS