Monday, July 20, 2009

Stitching and catching up

Sunrise on the beach
Some of the Kiley gathering at Outer Banks, NC

Catching up? Ha! I wish. I have been trying but 11 days without a computer during my vacation and then 3 days (Thursday, Friday and Saturday) of being home where I seem to have less time to spend online have made me fall so far behind reading everyone's blogs. And after all the lovely comments you all leave for me I feel awful that I haven't gotten to your blog yet. I will. Sooner or later. I will.
Now for some stitching news. I have been neglectful in letting you all see the gorgeous biscornu that I received as my giveaway prize from Lynn. It is really adorable and the card she made is just too pretty. I love the little ribbon flowers. It arrived just before I left for vacation. But without a computer I wasn't able to post it.
Thank you so very much Lynn. The biscornu is beautiful and I LOVE it!

I have been getting a little stitching done this past week. But two of the things I have been working on are for exchanges so no photos. I do have one with the little bit of progress that I've made on my BBD, Awake the Dawning Day. At this rate I might get it finished by Christmas! (Sigh.)

I also managed to scan some more of the photos from my vacation. Including a couple of my Rory. He is getting so big. Don't you wish they could stay little forever? I am hoping to start his handling classes this Tuesday. My knee is pretty much healed and I can kneel on it so it's time. I am hoping to show him. And since I haven't done any myself in a long long time we both need the classes before he is ready to start showing. And that will be soon. He's four months old now and I can start showing him at six months.

Watching sunrise from the top of the dunes.
Now back to work and catching up on all the finishes and starts in the stitchy blogging world.
Until next time.........................
Love and stitches
and licks from Rory too


Tracey said...

Beautiful pictures! Rory is so sweet. Are you in the picture with all the people in it?

Irene said...

I love the picture of Rory watching the sunrise. Wonder what he was thinking, if they ould only talk :)

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Love your BBD project the colors are great. Rory pics are great too. CJ ok;-)

5 Foot Runt said...

I can't believe how much he's grown. You can really see it in the last picture. I love the color of his coat and it looks like it's coming in nicely.

Kristin said...

What a lovely biscornu and the pics of Rory are wonderful.

Deb said...

The pictures are beautiful - what I'd give to be there now. The biscornu is lovely and the BBD piece is great!

Katie said...

Lovely photos. Great photo of Rory watching the sunrise. The biscornu you received is beautiful.

Katri said...

The biscornu's very lovely!

And Rory's grown so much, they do grow up so fast (I have a 7mo puppy who is not a small one anymore).

Lynn B said...

Hi Kathy

I am so glad you liked the biscornu I made for you, you have taken lovely photographs!
Rory is looking as cute as ever.


Carolyn NC said...

Biscornu is adorable! Can't wait to see pics of Rory in shows - I'll bet he does well. Glad your knee is better. Pics look great!
Just a suggestion - when there are a gazillion blog posts, sometimes you just have to say uncle and start over. Sort of hard to go no mail with google reader, isn't it? Looking forward to more pics of your stitching and baby.

CindyMae said...

What a beautiful biscornu!! Love the stitching progress as well. Great pics of vacation and Rory!!

Please stop by my blog and see the July 17th post as there is something there for you!!

Alice said...

Vacation is hard work Kathy!! I often think you are more tired after a vacation than before you left. You are nearly through recovery. : ))

Siobhan said...

I'm so glad that you had a good vacation, Kathy! The pics are wonderful. Great biscornu and lovely BBD progress, too. Just remember that each stitch is closer to a finish! ;)

Jan said...

Wonderful vacation time, glad that Rory is going to be a show dog, he is just beautiful. Good luck with the classes for him.

Love your gifted biscourni and your BBD is coming along!!

Nancy said...

Your stitching is always nice on the eyes! Rory is just adorable. Love the sunset picture. Hope you are caught up, or keeping head above water. I am trying too!

Ranae said...

Cute ladybug biscornu from Lynn.
I love that BBD, it's looking great.
Rory is such a beautiful furbaby.
Awesome photo's

Mary Ivancicts said...

Your stitching is beautiful! How romantic, Rory watching the sunrise.
Got to love him.

Kathy said...

Rory is growing so fast. Wonderful pictures, adorable fob, and great progress on your BBD piece.

Cyn said...

Hi Kathy,

Enjoyed seeing the vacation pictures and those of Rory. You'll have to let us know when you start showing him.

You've made good progress on "Awake the Dawning Day". Just 15 minutes a day can result in huge progress. :-)

We will be here patiently waiting to see pictures of your exchange projects when you can share them.

Windy Meadow

Mare said...

Great photos! Sounds like you had a great time!