Monday, September 21, 2009

I'm still here.

I've been hibernating. No, actually my computer at home was down and it is my deadline time at work. So I have been working hard and working weekends. But this Friday it will be over for another six months. Thanks goodness I only have two deadlines a year. I don't think I could handle the stress of more. And it is getting close to my Mom's birthday. The first since she passed. I try not to dwell on it but there are times I just can't help but sit and cry. Of course it isn't for long. How can I when this silly guy comes over, climbs in my lap and starts licking my face? That sweet goofy face will make me smile every time.
I have also been working hard with Rory on his training. His first real confirmation show is this coming Saturday. the 26th. I'm getting nervous and have to do my best not to let it show. It should just be fun for him. Win or lose. It doesn't matter. Just as long as he has fun. The picture above is him doing one of his "tricks". This is his interpretation of playing dead! I love it. Oh, and he will also say his prayers and we are working on high five. Of course we do those silly tricks after we have worked on the basic obedience and show handling. The tricks are for fun and he loves doing them.

On the stitching front I haven't been getting a lot done. But since it has been three weeks since I have posted this will look like a lot. I am hoping I might even get BBD's Awake the Dawning Day finished. I only have some words and the specialty stitches to do.

As for Lauren's Voice (see my previous posts) I didn't take a photo because even though I am so close to finishing I was working on the last side of the border and find I am off too much to fudge it. For the life of me I can't find the mistake but I can at least make it less noticeable. So I probably have a few hours of frogging to do on that one.

Another piece I am working on is the Sampler Lady by LHN. Here is my progress on that one as of yesterday afternoon. This one is being done as a SAL on the yahoo group for LHN. I probably won't make the deadline which is the end of September (Yikes! Only 9 more days!) but I will give it a try. I am going to concentrate on this one for the next week and see where I am on the weekend.

I did finish one piece over the last three weeks but it is an exchange so no photos until it reaches its new home.

Before I go back to work I wanted to share one more "Rory Story" with you all. I hope you will find it as amusing as I do.

About a quarter of a mile from my house is a baseball stadium for a minor league team known as the Long Island Ducks. They love to hold displays of fireworks during the summer months. So quite often on a Friday or Saturday night at 9 or so loud booms will disturb the night. Well, they have been rather quiet since July and I don't think Rory has heard them until a week ago. Monday night we go to bed at 10 (I am up at 4:30 am) and turn off the lights when BOOM! Rory starts barking and charging the bedroom door. So I take him outside so he can see what all those loud noises are. We get out there and you can, of course, hear the fireworks and see them as well from my back deck. Rory goes ballistic. Barking and jumping up at the sky! I swear he is trying to catch the colored lights!! He's goes from the deck to run to the corner of the yard and back to the deck barking and jumping the entire time. I start laughing. I can't help it. This goofy nut wants to catch the fireworks! I so wish I could get a picture of that antic. Oh and the Ducks had more fireworks on Tuesday and again this past Saturday. Here he is watching a plane yesterday afternoon. Anything that moves in the sky and especially if it makes noise. I am hoping that when Rory is in the ring next weekend a plane will fly overhead and he will stand beautifully to watch it.

I want to apologize for not being around much the past three weeks or commenting on the blogs. Heck I haven't even been checking many and I am going through bloggy withdrawal. That will change next week. I promise. I miss you all and really can't wait to see what everyone's been up to. I also want to thank you all for all your support and wonderful comments. I treasure each one. And even if I don't say it often enough, Thank you and Bless you all.

Now I better take some excedrin and get back to work. Keep your fingers crossed for Rory and I this coming weekend and I hope we will have good news to share.

Love and stitches
and licks from Rory too.


Meari said...

Your WIP looks nice. Sorry to hear about your soon-to-be frogging experience. Doesn't sound like much fun. :(

Good luck to Rory on his next competition. If he doesn't knock 'em dead with his talents, he'll win them over with his good looks. :)

Anne Sans Tete said...

beautiful stitching. i especially like the one with the birds.

Margie said...

Good luck next weekend! He'll be great with you at the helm.

Berit said...

Gosh, but Rory's gorgeous! He almost overshadows your stitching! That BBD (Awake the Dawning Day, is it?) is looking really good. Makes me want to stitch it--as If I didn't already have a BBD on the q-snaps as is!

Lauren's voice is a beautiful pattern as well; I'm so sorry to hear you're getting plagued by frogs on it!! Can't wait to see the finish!

Good luck to you and Rory (at work and in the ring).


Terry said...

Thanks for the sweet Rory story. He's too cute and I know he will have a great time next weekend.

I found that the first anniversary of my Dad's death was a turning point for me. I wasn't bursting into tears with every song that made me think of him or if I saw someone who reminded me of him. It does get easier with time so keep your chin up. Your Rory will help you through the tough times. Great big hugs coming your way!

Charlene said...

Hey, it looks like progress to me! Very pretty progress! Best wishes to you and Rory from Pixie and me!!

Rene la Frog said...

Will keep my toes crossed for Rory this weekend....he should get a blue ribbon for personality. Your stories about him make me smile and wish I could just hug him.

The stitching looks great. Hope you have more time for stitching real soon.

Siobhan said...

Beautiful stitching progress!

I loved the Rory stories and pics. Duff goes crazy if a plane goes overhead, thankfully we aren't in the flight path nearer to the airport! Best of luck this weekend!

Mel said...

Rory is looking so cute as usual!
I do hope you get a bit more of a stitching groove back. But your WIP are looking great! :)

Mylene said...

Great stitching progress and goodluck with Rory this weekend.

Kathy A. said...

Im glad you have Rory to help you though missing your mom.
I love the picture of him watching for airplanes. Our grandson runs outside to look for them every time they fly over our house.
Good luck to you and Rory this weekend.

Dawn said...

Good to see you!! Your dogs are beautiful as ever. Your projects look great. Everyone is always busy nowadays!! ~ Dawn ~

blueladie said...

Rory is such a beauty and your story about him catching fireworks is hilarious! Your stitching is great and it is so kind of you to take the time to share all of this with us. Thank you.
LHN group

Nancy M said...

I was going to email you today....I was getting worried! Glad you posted and explained where you have been. Looks like your stitching is coming along, especially since you had no computer to interrupt! Great story of Rory and the fireworks and who wouldn't be cheered up by him licking their face????

Gabi said...

So good to hear from you. And the pictures of Rory are lovely as usual. Crossing fingers here that the show will go perfect for you two.
Your wips are looking great. Lovely stitching.

Donna said...

It is wonderful to hear from you again. You have been missed! The stitching is wonderful and I so enjoy pictures of Rory.

too_busy_to_stitch said...

Good luck with the competition to you both. Your stitching looks lovely. I'm also back - our pc finally crashed it's final crash, so we've had to get a new one set up - at least I get much better response/processing times now :o)

Joy said...

I am just as guilty as you are with LHN SAL...she has been soo neglected. I am just going to see what I can do!! Rory is soo precious...such a protector! Wishing you both luck!!!

Sheila said...

Your progress pics are great.
Good luck to you and Rory, I'm sure he'll make yo proud. He is beautiful.
I can relate to your stories , i have 2 dogs as well.

Trecie said...

Your stitching is lovely Great story and pictures about Rory. Good luck this weekend. will look forward to hearing how you both do.

Sharlotte said...

I love the BBD piece. Really nice. Rory is such a sweetie.

Anonymous said...

Your stitching is coming along great and love to read about Rory. It does take time but you will heal.


Alice said...

Good to see you back Kathy. ; )
All your stitching is progressing steadily which is more that can be said for mine. My bulldogs also go crazy when the fighter planes fly over our house and run out thinking they can catch these birds. Its quite hilarious. On the contrary, when those birds go through the sound barrier above our heads its much less funny when its sounds like an explosion!! Awful when they do that!!! Good luck with Rory.

Carolyn NC said...

Sometimes it's overwhelming and you just need a break. Will be thinking and praying for your during the time of your mom's BD. Stitching looks good - love these patterns. Such cute pictures of Rory and his antics chasing the sky bound items! Adorable first picture of him. Be sure and let us know how he does in his show. :)

Cindy F. said...

Can't wait to hear how Rory did yesterday! What a blessing he has been for you:)

You have made some great stitching progress in 3 weeks...lots more than me!