Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Before the madness begins

I thought I would post a quick update on our goings on. The weather people are predicting a Nor'easter for tomorrow with up to 12 inches or more of snow. Great. Not. Especially since Thursday Rory and have a dog show. As well as Saturday and Sunday. And these are specialties with lots and lots of other Irish setters so Rory needs to look his best. And be on his best behavior. I know. Not an easy thing for him. Sigh. He tries.
The first photo shows one of the Robins sitting outside my kitchen window early Saturday morning. No, they don't mean spring anymore. More and more the robins winter here on Long Island. But it was still neat to see him there.
Saturday also brought me a package in the mail. My exchange from Michele on HoE too. The most exquisite pin pillow I have ever seen. I only wish my camera could really show you how gorgeous this is. The heart is inset in a satin fabric with a beautiful lace on the back. Isn't it stunning? Michelle's finishing is just perfect! She included a few extras. An adorable ladybug pin, a beaded fob, a small box of chocolate Texas Pecan clusters, a hanging metal Valentine and sparkly hearts for my cell phone. :) I love everything. Thank you so very much Michelle.
On Sunday Rory and I attended a fun match show at a local dog training facility. More practice for us both. He did well and we came home with a couple more ribbons. Since it was close to home I invited my nieces to come and one of them took a short video of us in the ring. It is an absolute hoot. Only one small problem. it is on facebook and I don't know how to download it here. But if you are on facebook with me and want a laugh just click here.
I have finished stitching my two of my exchanges and need to get the second one in the mail. I just need to finish the finishing. I should have time tomorrow if the weatherman is right. Then I have two more to stitch so no stitchy photos from me today.
I'll leave you with one of my tired little boy at the end of our busy weekend. And if you are in Uniondale, NY, over the weekend stop in at the Nassau Coliseum and you can watch me run in circles. Wish us luck.
Until next time..............
Love and stitches
and licks from Rory too


Marjorie said...

What a lovely pin pillow! The lacy backing is a nice touch. I love the Rory pictures, too...he is certainly a beautiful boy!

Meari said...

What a great exchange. Good luck with the snow!

Jennifer said...

Rory is so handsome!!!

I know you are so proud of him.

Your mail gifties are really cute!!! What a nice surprise and beauties.

Feathers in the Nest

Deb said...

Doesn't it tend to be a little warmer on LI than some of the surrounding areas? I was there in November and it was unbelieveably warm. Something to do with the water currents? Hope that you don't get too much snow.

Rory is such a beautiful dog. And your mail gift are wonderful. The pillow is gorgeous!

Berit said...

Nor'easter. Ugh. I'm here in Northern NJ--we dodged Friday's bout but I think we might get it this time. In all honesty, I want *some* snow (It is winter after all) But a blizzard? No thanks.

What a beautiful pyn pillow--I can't decide between it and Rory; who is more beautiful?

I'm not on FB, but seeing rory (and you too) in action makes me wish for it for the first time ever. :D

stitchinfiend said...

Beautiful exchange to receive - such a lovely pillow. Love the Rory pics.

Shelley said...

You've got a beautiful pillow there. Rory looks exhausted but it sounds like you are both having a lot of fun.

Blu said...

What a gorgeous pin cushion!
Good luck at the show!

Nancy M said...

Very beautiful exchange! I can't believe you are involved in so many of them. Good luck with the show and the snow. We are getting it today and tonight, so I know its a big one and heading east! Sorry!

Carissa said...

That pin pillow really is so beautiful Kathy! Rory is simply a doll! Hope you guys are able to make it to your shows this week.

Siobhan said...

What a wonderful exchange! Lucky you. Good luck this weekend--I hope you & Rory still get to go!

Andrea said...

A gorgeous exchange. Good luck to you and Rory at the weekend.

Mylene said...

A wonderful exchange received. Best of luck to you both.

Diane Williams said...

What a handsome guy Rory has grown up to be! Kathy I am so happy that you have such a wonderful companion. Congrats on the new ribbons!

Libbie said...

What a lovely exchange, yes it is stunning.

I've been slack and haven't posted to my own blog in awhile, won't go there.

I must say Rory is looking particularly handsome, and love the photos from your last post. Glad to see he is doing well in the ring, and he seems to be getting his gundog skills down {dead squirrel} as well. Even if you did have to brib him with pizza bread.

I have a new baby, and not what I was thinking of, a chocolate and tan mini smooth dachshund, is a little smaller than a vizsla :D

I must put a picture up on my blog

Anonymous said...

Love the new Rory photos! He is such a handsome boy. Wonderful exchange and stunningly finished! Can you believe it more snow. Hope you do well at all the upcoming shows.

Marion said...

What a gorgeous pin pillow!!

Oh my, Rory is absolutely gorgeous...such a handsome dog!!!!
Take care!