Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It had been a while.........

Wow. I can't believe it has been a month since I last posted. I apologize for being away so long. I guess the summer blahs had me there for a while. Match show on August 1st. Rory got a Sporting group 2nd place!

Oh, I have been busy. Six more dog shows, visits with family and a wedding in the past month. I still don't have a computer at home and won't for the foreseeable future. I just can't afford one right now. Work is keeping busy as well. I have a major deadline at the end of September so that limits my personal web time to lunch hour. I have been trying to catch a few blog posts here and there. I definitely miss reading about every one's ups and downs, trials and triumphs, starts and finishes. I am so looking forward to October. Less of this awful heat and humidity. (Am I the only one who thinks this summer has just been way too long?!!) And October means work slows up and I can read more blogs.

Rory meets my sister-in-law and her family.

Another show. Another ribbon. And another point making a total of 5 towards his championship!

And then there is Rory. He keeps me going. Between his show weekends and his antics at home. No matter how down in the dumps I feel he is there to make me smile at some silliness of his. His latest is to steal a sock every morning when I am brushing my teeth. Then he has to prance around the room with it! Where he is getting the socks from where I have no idea. I swear he has a stash under the bed! So then I have to spend 10 minutes or so chasing him around for my socks! I can just picture the first cold day when I need to wear shoes instead of sandals and I can't find any matching socks to wear!! Either that or they all have holes in them!!

On our trip last weekend to DC and Virginia. Rory gets to visit with his "Dogfather".

I have been stitching. A lot actually. I have really surprised myself with how much I have gotten accomplished. Especially with all those busy weekends. I finished and mailed out two exchanges. Finished the stitching on a third. Just need to finish the finishing. I am also two thirds of the way finished Hearts Left Behind and Lizzie Kate's Dog Lessons. (no picture of HLB this time. I forgot to take a photo of them this morning.) I also received two exchanges. One from the Hooked on Exchanging and one from the Lizzie Kate exchange. They are both just perfect!

Finally finished my giveaway pin pillow that was won by Nancy. Sorry that it took so long. But better late than never.

My "For the Birds" HoE exchange that I sent to Ina.

And I received this gorgeous ornament from Cindy. Thank you so much Cindy I just LOVE my new ornament.

Above is the pin pillow I stitched for Pirjo for the Lizzie Kate exchange and below is the fabulous exchange I received from Marion. She outdid herself and included an adorable toy for Rory as well as a card the plays "Who let the dogs out." Two more fabulous ornaments for my stitchy tree this Christmas. Thank you so much Marion. I love it all and Rory just loves his new toy.

Rory says Thank you Marion!

Isn't she a beautiful bride?

Last weekend was a lovely one for a wedding. Rory and I went from Long Island, NY, to Virginia to visit with some of my brothers and sisters and go to my nieces wedding. A number of late nights chatting and partying and a long, long drive but it was worth it. It was great seeing everyone. Below are a couple of photos from the wedding.

The flower girl and ring bearer, my great niece and great nephew.

Below: My sister and brother-in-law and their two children.

Some of the Kiley clan.

Rory had a great time playing with my sisters pups and meeting his little "cousins". Actually Rory really impressed me. He really doesn't have that much experience with children and he was such a gentleman with the girls.

I am so looking forward to this weekend. No dog shows. No traveling. I am hoping for lots of stitching time. And lots of nap time. While I love going to the dog shows they are tiring. And I really need some rest. Okay. I know Rory doesn't think so but.............

Until next time.............

Love and stitches


and licks from Rory too


Margaret said...

Sounds like you've been extremely busy! Isn't it great to have a pet to keep one laughing? :D Your niece's wedding looks like it was wonderful. Love all the exchange pieces too! Enjoy your free weekend!

Anonymous said...

Great adventures that you and Rory have had since your last post! Your niece was a beautiful bride!

Enjoy your coming weekend, Kathy!

Robin in Virginia

And This Little Pig said...

Woohoo Group 2nd!!!! Con-grat-u-lations it is a lot of a hard work, so happy for you and Rory both. Showed my Quincy Rory, so she could how a 'showdog' was supposed to stand up, so tall, proud AND still!

Lovely sitiching, and such beautiful exhanges.

Glad to see you back.

LiBBiE and the gang

Mel said...

whew! Lots going on. Glad you checked in. :)
Rory is looking so great.
And your stitching is awesome.

natalyK said...

Great finishes and wonderful progress on Dog Lessons.

Hazel said...

Lovely pics Kathy. Love the exchanges. Bride is gorgeous. xx

Donna said...

Very nice, all of it! And Rory still makes me smile. I have got to get another puppy! I have been looking, but we really want to wait until after our vacation in Nov. But then there is Rory, smiling as usual!

Meari said...

Great to see you posting!

I'm with you... this has been one long, hot summer! To think last year, we barely had a summer.

Great photos of the family. Nice stitching and exchanges, too.

Deb said...

What great pictures of the beautiful bride, your family and Rory! Beautiful gifts and love the lace on the pillow you stitched!

Jan said...

Kathy, it surely does sound like you have had a very busy few months! Rory has been doing great with his shows and keeping 'Momma' entertained!

Love all of your stitching, keep up the wonderful work, it is great for the spirits!! Get some good rest this weekend, hugs!

DJ said...

Wow, you've been one busy lady!! I'm tired just reading your post! I hope you get some time to yourself to recharge (stitching should help!!) and that you find all your socks before snow flies! LOL (Rory, you naughty dog!!) So glad you checked in with us!! Inquiring minds were wondering!! *Hugs*

Barb said...

Hey Kathy and Rory,So pleased to see a post from you and such a happy one too. Loved Rory with his new toy what a kind thought from Marion. Your gifts etc are just so nice, and love the dogs sampler.
Have a restful weekend ,catch up with us again when you can I missed you for one.
Hugs for my cyber other dog Rory
and you too of course!!

staci said...

Wow, you've certainly been keeping busy! Congrats on all the stitching and showing :)

Nancy M said...

I don't think you're keeping busy enough!! LOL Love my prize, it's in my curio looking pretty. Your LK dog pattern is coming along nicely for as busy as you are. Congrats to you and Rory for more points. He's such a sweety!!!

Cindy's Stitching said...

Kathy you are so busy. Your dog is very pretty. Glad you like the ornament. I go to Lazy Dazy a lot and know Diana well. The free as a bird pillow you made is beautiful, What pattern is that???

Carolyn NC said...

Love, love all the sweet doggie pics - he's such a sweetie! And what is it with socks??? Mine loves them too. Wonderful exchanges and stitching. Wedding pictures are great - we're getting there. One more week before Bethany gets married! Then maybe life will return to normal, whatever the heck that is!! :)

Alice said...

It is heartwarming to read you Kathy. You clearly had a busy month, but in a good way. Love all the photos and great stitching. Its been a while since I got a stitch in sideways but since the weather is already changing, we will be forced indoors to make those little crosses.

Mare said...

Way to go Rory, with 5 point! Wonderful stitching, exchanges, gifts, wedding pics, family pics, and delightful doggie pics. I have not seen some of those bird designs before. Nice job finishing! I hope you had a restful weekend!

Kelly said...

Thank you for sharing the great pictures!
Just love all your stitching!

Suzanne said...

I can see why you have had such a busy month. Thank you for sharing all these photos. Great stitching!