Friday, January 9, 2009

This and that

The past week has been a rough one. I have been missing Mom a lot. Especially the nighttime. I am still finding it hard to come home at night and no one is home. I guess since this is the first full week back to work things just hit me. :( Oh, I know this will happen for a while and I know it will get better.

I try to keep busy and keep the emotions at bay. But I'm not always successful.

I've been stitching. I have one completed finish and two more half finished. But no photos since these are Birthday gifts. Once they have been received I can post photos.

As I said I try to keep busy since it helps. So when I saw a posting about a book signing at a NYC bookstore, The Mysterious Bookshop, I decided to go. I hadn't been to a signing in ages and ages. The book:In the Shadow of the Master: Classic Tales by Edgar Allan Poe and Essays by Jeffery Deaver, Nelson DeMille, Tess Gerritsen, Sue Grafton, Stephen King, ... Lisa Scottoline, and Thirteen Others by Michael Connelly. A number of the books contributors as well as Michael Connelly, the editor, were at the shop to sign copies. It was really nice seeing many of the authors I have come to know as well as old acquaintances from the mystery community. In some ways I am lucky to work in the City so I can attend some of these events. And now I have the time. Next week is another signing. This time for Carol O'Connell's new book, Bone By Bone.

We are expecting a snow storm tomorrow so I should get some quality stitching time in this weekend. I hope so since I would like to finish up at least three more gifts. Too many January birthdays. LOL I also want to try and make a small dent in organizing my stash. HA! It would be so nice to find that pattern I think I have. Especially before I buy it a second time. LOL

Another thing I am thinking of is joining the sit and stitch at the LNS near (about a 40 minute drive) me. I've never been to one. Another thing to keep me out of trouble. LOL Of course if I go I MUST keep my checkbook and credit card at home! Well, maybe just a few dollars to get some more of that lovely 25 ct fabric that I used for my Mom's box piece. Would that be okay?

I want to thank all of you who have left me such lovely comments. I appreciate them and they go a long way to lifting my spirits. Thank you so very, very much. Maybe one day I'll find the right words to tell you all how much your support has meant and still means to me.

Until next time..................
Love and stitches


Terry said...

Keeping busy always helps. It's the only thing that made it easier after losing my Dad. It will get easier but don't overdo it as you still need to take care of you. Keeping you in my thoughts.

Carolyn NC said...

I wish it were a quick fix, but unfortunately it takes time to heal. It's the emptiness that is so hard to deal with, I think. You wonder what to do with the time and now what? Motivation can be hard. You're doing the right things - keeping busy, but still giving yourself time to grieve. You might really enjoy a sit and stitch at your LNS - always a pick me up. The bookstore signings sound great, too. Take it easy and take it as it comes. I keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
P.S. You really threw me with the different pic up top! I had to check and be sure I had the right Kathy's blog! It's an adorable picture - I assume this is a pic of you as a child? I figure that your mom's pic would be much different for that era. :)

Kathy said...

Yes, it is me at age 2 and a half. A cutie, wasn't I? :) Not sure what happened. LOL I HATE having my photo taken and don't like any of the recent ones. :) I thought this wouldbe different. I have others and might "grow up" slowly. :)

Sadie said...

Hi Kathy, it sounds as if you are doing the right things by trying to keep busy, but it is good too, to let it all out sometimes. I will keep you in my thoughts. The book signings sound wonderful, I am green with envy! I think the idea of changing your pic so you slowly grow up is an awesome idea!

Terri said...

Those that we truly loved never leave us. I know with me when I lost my grandfather I didn't know which way to turn. But What I did was talk out loud to him. I knew he couldn't answer me but I felt a lot of love come into my heart from it. I am glad that you are getting out.

Nancy said...

I think you should treat yourself to the Stitch in! Trying new and different things will help take you mind off the *usual*. Getting your stash organized would be fun too! At least it's fun for me.....LOL

Donna said...

I think a Sit and Stitch would be great! Although you will continue to miss your mom, you need to get a new "routine". It will help a lot!
I purchased the same pattern 3 times once before I decided organization was the way to go!

Gillie said...

Absolutely go to the Stitch in! Yes, you can buy the fabric too! Sorry about the cold and the blueness but be gentle with yourself, sweet pea.
hugs, gillie

sales said...

Go to the Sit and Stitch. It is a really nice way to spend some time with others.

The book signing sounds fun.
Take care.

Lou's addictions said...

I'am glad to hear that you are getting out and doing the things that you love to do. Keep it going too, its not a bad thing for you to get out and enjoy yourself. Huge hugs Lou in Scotland-ilcs

Debra said...

Kathy, the book signings sound like fun. You would really enjoy the sit and stitch at your LNS so I hope you go.
Debra in Indiana

Cindy F. said...

Such a cute pic of you as a little girl!!
Dear sweet Kathy, you hang in there girl. The plans you're making are wonderful. Book signings and sit in stitchings are things a lot of us would enjoy! So you have fun. You will meet new friends at the LNS stitchings too!
Sending you more TX hugs!

stitcherw said...

The book signing sounds like it would have been fun. I recently went to one here with the author of The Friday Night Knitting Club and really enjoyed it. Looking forward to being able to see the post of what you've been working on when you can show pictures. Enjoy the stitching group and keep finding fun things to get involved with. Keeping busy will help keep your mind from dwelling on the loss of your mom. {{hugs}}

Ellen said...

Go for the sit and stitch at your LNS. Stitching is a good therapy, it really helps me. With new routines and time, the pain will ease. It's ok, I miss my Dad too.
Take care of yourself and I keep you in my thoughts.


too_busy_to_stitch said...

Hugs Kathy - the sit and stitch sounds like fun - I hope you enjoy it.

Marion said...

Kathy, thank you for the comment on my blog post about my mom. I came over to see your blog and look at your stitching. Your stitching is beautiful!! I also went back to the post about YOUR mom. It's hard, isn't it? I was an only child and not a day goes by that I don't think of my mom and my dad. I had to make hard decisions about my mom when my dad passed away, and sometimes I second guessed myself, but I had alot of extended family support on those decisions. Your mom will always be with you, in your heart, and sometimes you will feel her so close to you, at least that's what I feel like. Take care, and I will be back to visit your blog often.

Beth said...

"Maybe one day I'll find the right words to tell you all how much your support has meant and still means to me."

You don't have to tell me...I know! I feel the same way about all the support and encouragement I get when I'm not well.

When Nana passed I couldn't stay in the house until Uncle Wes got home. Then one day a month later, a co-worker walked in and said "anyone want a Himalayan cat?" That was almost 11 years ago. Chet got me through the dark days.

Whether it's your stitching, Rosie, or something or someone else, you will find another purpose and the support you need.

My thoughts and prayers are with you.