Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday, March 6th

It has been a long week. Work is starting to get busy and I have just been feeling tired. But I do have some photos I'd like to share. Monday, March 2nd, was the "snowstorm" of the winter. The photo above was taken at 9 in the morning. We got another 4 inches after this photo. the next shows where I spent a hour or so shoveling and it was beginning to fill in again.

In total we got close to 14 inches on Long Island. Now I don't mind snow in December, January and even February BUT I HATE March snowstorms. By now the weather should be warming and I should be able to see plants starting to sprout in the gardens. At this rate I won't see the gardens until June!

Rosie kept me entertained for most of the morning.

This window in my kitchen is her favorite perch to watch the birds.

I am glad I had filled the feeders before the snow. Rosie spent 4 hours chirping (a funny noise like a soft meow and a clicking sound) at the birds and occasionally pouncing at the window at those birds who sat on the deck rail close to the window.

If you look closely you can see a cardinal trying to find the seed on the tray under the snow. I notice that the feeder is crooked but it will have to wait until the snows melt before I go straighten it. :)

This is another feeder right outside my kitchen window and the feeder that attracts all the birds that tease poor Rosie. Look and you can see a sparrow feeding.

I spent lots of time last weekend stitching and have made tons of progress on all my pieces. No new starts but no progress photos either. My computer was not behaving and took forever to upload the photos in this post! So more stitchy pictures next time.

Except for this. A week or so ago I won a giveway on Edgar's blog. It arrived on Friday. Floss, floss and more floss. All on bobbins and some are marked with a brand I've never heard of. But that's fine. A lot of times when I stitching up a fob or other small I need a color to go with another over-dyed and these will come in handy for that kind of thing. After all one can never have too much floss. :)

Here is the box of floss with the cutest card.

Of course Miss Rose had to give her seal of approval. :)

Today is the third month since my Mom passed away. So if I don't seem my cheery self I apologize. I've been kind of blue for a few days now. Last month at this time it hit me too. I guess it will for awhile. :(

I'll spend the weekend stitching my blues away. I hope.

Until next time......

Love and stitches


Carolyn NC said...

Oh Kathy,
I know this is so hard for you. Keeping you in thought and prayer. Love the pics of your Rosie- how sweet! Great giveaway and looking forward to seeing the pics of your progress. We're having a wonderful week of weather, which is going to come to an end later on next week and back to colder. Such a teaser - I want Spring!!
Many hugs to you, my friend.

Nancy said...

I hate to say this....but glad it was you and not ME!!! If you're at all going to have the weather that MI is enjoying right now, it should be gone soon! I have the windows open and it's in the mid 60's. I've even begun to see the crocus's peek thru the ground. Take care!

Alice said...

Wow, what a lot snow!! (Alice feels envious) I would love to see a Cardinal for real. I love those birds. Rosie is probably sitting there doing some birdwatching herself. I know the feeling that temperatures should get warmer but sadly its not about to happen. We have already had snow in April!! Can you imagine that! Sorry to hear you are feeling blue. Somehow I have also done a lot of crying in the last week. Have a good stitching weekend.
Sending you lotsa hugs

Daffycat said...

Ah, I like your snow...we haven't had any this year.

Rosie looks sweet at her birdwatching and helping you with your blog prize from Edgar!

Debra said...

Great pictures! Wow you did get a lot of snow.

too_busy_to_stitch said...

What a lot of snow - we enjoyed our one heavy fall of snow in about ten years, lol, but I don't think it would be so good if it happened all the time. Sorry about your bad days - I do know what you mean - I still get the occasional one, six years on. hugs.

Trecie said...

Wow! Snow is sure pretty but not when you have to shovel it. Rose looks like she is having a ball inspecting the package and keeping tabs on the birds. Tell Rose her fan club sends Hugs. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Debbie Jo said...

Thanks for sharing the snow pictures and all of Rosie's adventrues..furbabies are so much fun to watch. I keep you in my thoughts and prayers and it is okay to have those days,,,they help to heal us. A big cyberhug just for you ((((((((((((Kathy))))))))))).

Patricia said...

My daughters cat is your cats twin. Her cats name is Aurora (Rory).


Cindy F. said...

Since snow in our part of Texas is rare, I enjoy looking at your pics of the pretty white stuff:) Love the birdie and kitty pics too!
Congrats on winning the floss!

Sending you hugs for your sadness.