Wednesday, April 15, 2009


My back yard. Mid-April

It has been a crazy, busy two weeks. Sorry I haven't posted or been around much. It has been a rather stressful couple of weeks. I am in the publishing business and last Thursday was our deadline. Working weekends and LOTS of stress. Needless to say it was a hectic one. But then they always are. Oh, did I mention that it has been a bit stressful?
The daffodils are beautiful this year.

Well, deadline is over and now it is time to get my yard in some kind of shape. You know, rake the leaves from fall of 07. Pick up the trees limbs and branches. Maybe even start to weed the gardens. So this past weekend I began that work in earnest. Can we say sore muscles?? But it is a good kind of sore.

I forget what these are called. But they are pretty.

This past weekend being Easter I wasn't really in an Easter celebration type mood. I did plant lots pf pansies at the cemetery. Pansies were one of my Mom's favorites. I spent much of the day at my Aunt and Uncles. Joan cooked a turkey just for me. And she is a good cook. So dinner was yummy.

Some more pretty little purple flowers growing among the weeds.

Monday I took the day off to work outside. I spent 6 hours rakes, bagging leaves, filling garbage cans with twigs and sticks, breaking off dead stalks from last year and just enjoying the sunshine and birdsong. I can't wait until the bulk of the work is done so I can sit and admire my handiwork while I sip on ice tea and stitch.

A lovely pink violet. These always bloom before the purple and while ones.

One other chore for this past weekend was to get my taxes finished. I know I shouldn't wait until the last minute and I don't normally do that. I usually do them in early March before my work gets busy. For some reason this year I just kept putting it off. Well, I am learning that lesson. Can anyone tell me why New York State makes it so difficult?? Getting the state taxes done this year has been a nightmare.

So here's the story. Friday afternoon I get all my federal forms and papers together, sit down and in about 2 hours I'm done. I'm getting back a nice refund. Yippee! Time to do the state. Since I didn't get the forms in the mail (come to find out they aren't mailing them any more. ) I have to run to the local library to get them. get to the library and they don't have anymore long forms left. Wait, the reference desk has a couple. She hands them to me, I go home. Since I won't get these done until Monday I figure I'll wait and work on them then. I KNOW the NY state tax form is always a headache. So definitely put this one off. It's now late Monday and I am pooped from gardening. I'm staying home Tuesday to visit with another Aunt and some cousins so I figured I'll take it to the post off after lunch. Tuesday morning I finally sit down to tackle the state forms. WAIT. I have page 1, page 1, page 3 and page 3. Huh??? I go online only to see that yup, the library goofed.

Well, now I figure I might as well wait until today and print them out here at work, Fill them out and head over to the post office. Yup, you guessed it. I have the forms all printed but left everything else at home!!!!! So guess who's going home early and going to be waiting in line tonight at the post office. Geez. That'll teach me.

Well, I'm off to head home, finish up these nasty tax forms and head over to the post office to get in line. Tomorrow I'll update my stitching for you.

Until next time..........................
Love and stitches


Mel said...

I also work in the publishing business Kathy and totally understand deadlines. I dread May and November as they are our huge deadlines and it always means less stitching and blogging.
Love the spring pics. I'm jealous. We still have snow where I am.

Terry said...

Love the pictures of all the pretty flowers. Hope the line at the post office isn't too crazy.

Nancy said...

Love the flowers, have a few myself I need to cut and enjoy in the house! Ever thought of filing online and using the free federal?? You just answer questions and it fills in the blanks. I buy the tax program so I can do my state too, but it is sooooo much easier than the paper ones. And you know in 1-2 days that they are accepted.

Carolyn NC said...

Ouch - hate doing taxes for sure! Your flowers and yard are lovely!

Meari said...

Pretty flowers. You know, I felt kinda stupid reading about your raking leaves and sticks. I've been putting off cleaning my backyard (again) after the electric company came and trimmed the tree because it was interfering with the electric wires. They left a nice little mess. Anyways... (lol) all these tiny little sticks are in my backyard. It didn't dawn on me to use the RAKE to clean them up! Silly me ;-)

I'm sorry but I had to LOL @ your tax form "issues". I know it was a pain... but see what happens when you wait til the end? ;-) I work for a CPA firm and we've had people coming in during the past 3 days to give us their paperwork to do their taxes. Arrgghhh. LOL

Glad you had a nice Easter, and didn't have to cook. Mine was spent putting up that garage door opener.

Gabi said...

Lovely flowers. Love those pics - thanks for sharing. And outch at your bad luck with your tax forms. It made me grin a bit when reading it. When things go wrong, they usually go REALLY wrong.

Deborah said...

Beautiful flowers and beautiful finishing!!
You know I will NEVER get one on you, including finishing a SAL!!
Although, I thing your birthday, I just "might" have pulled a real good one on you!! I have already gotten your birthday gift and I know it is going to "blow you away"!! Just the fact, I actually got out, picked out and actually purchased this by myself is a true wonder!! Otherwise, you will always have things ahead of me, without you telling me what I did with what I am looking for, I would be on very lost woman!! Now, if you could just tell me where in the world, I put "Fallen Roses" before I loose the fabric!!
Fantastic garden and stitching!!

Love and Hugs!!

Rene la Frog said...

The flowers are lovely.