Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Neighbors and Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a delicious Thanksgiving. Enjoying family, friends and making memories to cherish tomorrow. My holiday? Mostly quiet. I had dinner with my Mom's baby brother and his family. Though I have to admit that for the most part the day was difficult. It could have been worse but Rory did help take my mind off missing Mom. But it was when I got to my Aunt and Uncle's that I really lost it. The smell. I was so missing the smell of roasting turkey and stuffing. I hadn't spent a Thanksgiving since I can remember where the cooking smells didn't fill the house. Yes, I missed Mom and was remembering our dinner last year but it was the smell that I think I missed most. So, guess what? I went out Friday and bought myself a turkey and the trimmings. And Sunday became my personal Thanksgiving dinner with Rory and Rosie begging for turkey scraps. And as you can see Rory was very interested in that smell too. I am enjoying my left overs and can't wait to make myself some turkey soup and potpie. My two favorites with leftover turkey.

Now for our "Rory story". And a tale of neighbors.
We all have them. Many of us enjoy friendships with our neighbors. Neighbors are supposed to watch out for their neighbors. Help out in times of trouble and, well, at least be polite. Well, my neighbor on one side is that and more. The sweetest couple and "Aunt" Pat is one of Rory's favorite people. But the other side??????? They are one of those kinds of neighbors. Quiet people but strange. (There is a designer who has a pattern the has these two houses side by side. The one house is pretty and the other a disaster. I really have to get that one!) 60 feet (Yes, I measured it!) of their yard borders my back yard. It is the only section of my yard that doesn't have 4-6 foot chain link fencing. This area is a flimsy chicken wire type fence. It was always sufficient for my previous dog. Besides that the whole area has bushes covering the fence.

Can you tell where this is heading? Yup, Rory has crushed and broken enough of the bushes that he has a path along side the fence. The better to run and play with the neighbors dog and to keep an eye on those pesky feral cats that the neighbor feeds and encourages to make their home there. Where? Under all the sheds the neighbors have in their yard. As well as the decking around their pool, the decking with the hot tub, the gazebo, and most of the the HUGE pile of mattresses that are partially covered with a collection of blue tarps. Yes. I said MATTRESSES. As in what you sleep on in your bed.

I hear you know saying "What?"
Well, see for yourself.
Why you ask? I am not really sure myself. I did see one of the owners trying to pole vault and using the mattresses as her landing pad. (I had to quickly run inside the house. Holding in my laughter was too hard to do!)

This pile of junk has been sitting there for at least three or four years, They just keep adding and/or changing the tarps. (The neighbors dogs also like to climb the mattress mountain and tinkle on it!) The cats like to live under it and when they pop out of hiding my Rory goes ballistic. Barking and jumping on the fencing. Yup, He found out he could push on the fence and jump the 3 foot section with ease. He did this twice and there I was spending hours on Thanksgiving morning patching some areas, adding height with some of my garden fencing and wire. Pounding additional fence posts into the ground and making this 60 foot area "Rory proof." It is holding for now but as soon as I can I will be getting some stockade privacy fencing for this area. The other bonus that will mean is not having to look at the yucky blue mountain every time I go out my kitchen door.
So what kind of neighbors are yours?

Except for Rory's cat chasing, fence jumping antics he gave me some concern over the weekend. He wasn't acting his usual self. He didn't want to eat a couple of mornings and was very quiet. Spending as much time as he could in my lap. On Saturday he started sneezing and coughing and running a fever. I ran him to the veterinarian yesterday. He has kennel cough, a doggie version of a cold. Unfortunately it can get serious and turn into pneumonia especially with puppies. He is now on two different medicines and after just one day he was a little more his old self this morning. We figured that he picked it up at the dog shows. So once he is better I am hoping my fence repair will hold. I did get some stitching done. Finished my two exchanges and got them in the mail. Finished two Christmas presents and started a couple more. No photos until they reach their new home.

So until next time.................

Love and stitches,


and licks from Rory too.


Carolyn NC said...

Ahhh - the joys of children (oops, I mean dogs!). Yes, they all find ways to slip out, don't they? I must say that I really liked the idea of pole vaulting with mattresses; at least there appears to be a reason, however ugly, but to pole vault and land in dirty mattresses, filled with pee and critters - UGH!! Hope you get your fence soon and don't have to look at it. We've been very fortunate in our neighbors, but our friends?? Not so - there was the one with the mom chasing someone with a knife (or was that granddad?) multiple police cars looking for drugs, etc. and this was a nice neighborhood! Lots of fun - always gave us deviant friends a lot of entertainment as we listened to the latest installment!
I'm glad you've hurdled this major holiday and made it your own special time. What a great idea. Keeping you in thought and prayer.

zaneymay said...

Glad they are not my neighbors. Couldn't you call the city and have them send them a letter stating that if it's not cleaned up in x amount of time the they will be charged so much. I think I am a good neighbor we have a good relationship with both sides of the house.

omashee aka Barb said...

Neighbors, we all got some! They're usually the extremes too. Good fences make good neighbors!

Pot pie & soup, my favs too. Got mine made & half eaten. So glad you've got family to be with while you get thru the first holidays w/o your mom.

Poor Rory! Lots of extra hugs for the sneezy boy! Hope he's tip top real soon.

Barbara said...

Sorry about Rory's cold and your awful neighbors, Kathy. Since I live in an apt, my neighbors change all the time. Right now, I have a next door couple that loves to play their stereo ALL THE TIME! Had to go over & ask them to turn it down Thanksgiving night so I could go to bed. At least they are keeping the sound lower now even though they NEVER turn it off. OHHHH!
Barb in TX

stitchinfiend said...

Hope Rory gets better soon. Kennel Cough can be really nasty.

I live in an apartment and our neighbours are quite nice except next door is quite strange, he does things that I just cannot get my head around......LOL. At least though he is not annoying.

Glad you got through your Thanksgiving Day. Hugs

Shelley said...

Happy to hear that you were able to make the most of this your first thanksgiving without your mom. I hope your spirits are high going into this holiday season. Neighbors, theres at least one wierdo on every block! My neighbor was very pleasant and talkative when she first moved in with her preteen son. Now she won't ever answer her door and she hides a lot. I don't know what happened but she won't even answer the door for the mailman.

Pam said...

I think our neighbors must be related. I have great neighbors to my right, but to my left...well, it's not like they are nasty, just unfriendly is the best way to describe them. And at Christmas time they put so much stuff in the lawn, porch, and house that it looks like Christmas threw up on them! LOL!! I'm glad that you enjoyed your Thanksgiving. I know exactly what you mean about the smell making you think of you mom. I've been there and it can be so hard.

Will you be at Lazy Daisy on the
10th? I hope to see you there!

Anonymous said...

I am glad you were able to get through this holiday. Hope Rory gets better soon. I live near a small mall and they have people that go to learn mixed martial arts, and the kids and guys play ball and the ball comes into my yard then they want me to go and pick it up for them, never mind what I tell them.


Akila said...

Oh, talk about neighbours!!! Living in an apartment with 8 flats in our floor, we have an assortment in just one floor!!! But we just try to be as nice as possible in general and mind our own business. Else, in India, we risk having the "over-friendly" neighbour, who is forever curious to know what's happening next door!!!

Berit said...

So glad to hear that he seems to be weathering the kennel cough well--scary as it's dangerous to puppies, as you said. I forget that Rory's a puppy because he is so big now!

Vonna said...

I have mostly wonderful neighbors however the ones that are beind us are HORRIBLE neighbors. UGH!

And I do so hope dear Rory gets over his kennel cough. Thinking good thoughts for dear Rory!

too_busy_to_stitch said...

Luckily our neighbours are lovely, on both sides. We did have some horrible ones, but luckily they moved away :o) Glad to hear that you got through Thanksgiving with some enjoyment - hope Rory is feeling better!

MaryT said...

Our neighbors next to us and behind us are great! but then they live through the wood from us too so not too close. Now next to our second house is a real nut they have junk all over the place. Thank God we don't have to deal with them much. the thing is he is an attorney and she is a high school art teacher. wouldn't think they would be that type of people but they are.

To bad Rory is sick. Did your vet suggest bordatilla sp? I give my dogs that every year I think it is only about $5.00 aqnd well worth not having to deal with the kennel cough,

Trecie said...

Glad to hear Rory is getting better. I am blessed with really good neighbors on one side and a big corn field on the other. Hopefully you will get your fence up soon. I don't understand why people would want to leave such a mess in there back yard. Guess it takes all kinds LOL. Just wish they could live by each other. Have a wonderful Holiday Season. Rosie's fan club sends Holiday wishes to Rory and Her.

Sherry said...

I am glad you were able to have your own Thanksgiving with Rory. It was hard for me too without my Dad. Rory is still growing!

Nancy M said...

This is one of the reasons I like living in town and having restrictions for things like this. Why some people can't dispose of their trash the proper way just irks me!!! Our city offers a city wide trash pick up and you should see all the mattress that get picked up! Rory sounds like my son's Barry! He finds any hole and escapes. He's found a way to the neighbors yard to play with his lab. And Brett says Barry has been in everyone house so far when he escapes out the front door and goes visiting! LOL

Joy said...

I have had the pleasure of having wacky tacky neighbors like you, so I definitely get your frustration. I don't know why some people are sooo tacky...thank
God for privacy fencing!! Your turkey looks yummy!!

Siobhan said...

Ack! I would call the city and complain. I would worry that there were rodents living under that tarp.

In the two places where we used to live, our neighbors' names were Dick at one house, and Butt at another house. I think the names pretty much described what they were like. The neighbors in this house are very nice & we're very lucky. We did check to make sure that none had body part names. ;)