Sunday, August 14, 2011

Do you stitch on aida?

If you do I have something for you. In 2007 I stitched my very first piece on linen. I had been terrified to try it. To me it looked soooooooooo hard. Counting threads and trying to find those tiny holes. Just thinking about it gave me a headaches. But I had seen so many gorgeous stitched pieces on linen I had decided to give it a try.

In January of 2007, while my Mom was recovering from a broken hip and I spent a lot of time sitting with her both in rehab and at home I got the courage to try. Lots of time to stitch. I finally tackled a small project which had come with some beautiful hand dyed fabric. And I learned something wonderful Stitching on linen was fabulous. It wasn't that hard. A challenge but not a terribly difficult one.
From then on more and more of my stitching was done on linen. And less and less on aida.
I am now an official linen snob. I swore I would never become one but I did. The thought of stitching on aida gives me the heebie jeebies. (Just kidding!) Now for the main reason of this post.
I spent part of my weekend organizing (or trying to) my stash. In particular my fabrics. In the closet and cupboard where I keep my finishing things and miscellaneous fabrics I found a ton of aida. I would like to get rid of it.
Some of what I have:
7 round tubes, 15 X 18 inches
2 packages of DMC 20X 30
9 package of DMC 14 X 18
20 square tubes of Charles Craft 15 X 18
31 packages of Charles Craft 12 X 18
6 packages of Silkweaver solos
a large pile of loose pieces of various sizes, counts and colors, some are hand dyed
plus 3 very large pieces that I bought when Joanns Fabrics was discontinuing aida by the yard. I haven't measured the pieces but I know one is 2 or 3 yards!!

I would like to give my aida collection to someone who will be able to use it. This has all been taking up precious stash space for a few years now.
My plan is to fill a large priority postage box to send to those who might like to have some. I have two conditions. One is that I can only send to the US. Sorry but it would be way to expensive to send overseas. And two. Unfortunately money is rather tight right now and there really is a lot of aida and it is going to fill 5 or more boxes I ask that those who would like the aida to pay for the postage. If I could I would pay for the postage but it will add up to more than I can afford at the moment. A large priority box is $14.95. I like to use confirmation and tracking to make sure things arrive and that is another 70 cents. So I am asking for $15 for each package.

If you are at all interested I ask that you email me privately at katkiley at (take out the spaces and change at to @) Then I will send you my address to send me the postage amount. Sorry I don't use PayPal. These will be sent to first come, first serve. Thanks.
Until next time.........
Love and stitches
and licks from Rory too.

As of 2:45 PM EST all the aida is spoken for. Thank you for such a great response. Those who have asked for it have the details. If they have not sent me the postage by August 29, two weeks from today, and I still have aida left I will open it back up.


Dottie Paullin Kornafel said...

I love, love, love aida cloth. I did try linen but just didn't like it. So, whatever you'd like to send me I'd like to receive.
By the way, did Rory win the photo contest? Or did I miss the post on that? Give Rory a big hug & kiss for me.

Anonymous said...

I only use aIDA I lost all my stash I am rebuilding it slowly I would love to be considered for the aida zI could borrow the shipping money I an waiting on my disability I just one my case. Thank you for your generosity.

socialsue said...

Love those hand dyed aidas..... wow, what a huge collections of aidas! My eyes are on the big pieces of aida for HAED projects. LOL


htimcj said...

That was a lot of Aida! Glad it went to someone who will use it.

Meari said...

Well darn. I missed the boat on this! I'm not an aida snob, lol. I'll stitch on anything. Keep me in mind if anyone falls through.

Carolien said...

I don't like aida either. When you have stitched on linen, you're hooked ...

Tracey said...

I am like you Kathy, can't stand aida now.. only linen and evenweaves for me. :) Glad someone got it who will use it. It reminds me I have some I was going to send to somebody too! :)

SoCal Debbie said...

So sorry I missed this chance! I totally understand your linen snobbery though. HA! I just finished my first project on linen and it's wonderful!