Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mother Nature, a Rory story and some stitching

A lot of stuff going one so I better get this post done before more happens.

As you saw in the previous post I have been stitching and starting new project and stitching some more. Well it was bound to happen. I have a finish!! Woo0oo Hooooo

Her Majesty was a really fast stitch. I used the recommended thread but don't ask me about the fabric. All I can remember is that it is a 28 ct white. I am terrible about remembering the fabric. Mostly because when I go to my LNS to buy it she rarely has the called for fabric and we usually just find one that works with the colors I have chosen. Then when it is cut I never write down the name or manufacturer. One of these days I have to start doing that.

I also made a lot of progress on Dandy Dreams. With luck and the extra time I might have this one finished by next week. I doubt it but I plan on trying. Here is the progress so far.

I have also been working on three different exchange pieces. The stitching is finished on one and I just need to finish it off and mail it. And also get ready to go visit my brother in Rochester, NY, this weekend for my nephew's wedding (August 27th).

Now this should be an interesting trip to say the least. I am leaving early Friday and it is an 8 hour drive. Rehearsal dinner for the wedding party and out of town guests (including Moi) on Friday night. The wedding and reception on Saturday and leave for home as early as I can on Sunday. Why leave early you ask? Well, Hurricane Irene is expected to grace us with her presence here on the east coast and particularly Long Island, NY, on Sunday. I am hoping and praying that the hurricane arrives AFTER I make it home. I really don't want to be stuck on the road during a hurricane. And of course Rory will be with me. So if you think of it Sunday cross your toes and whisper a prayer and ask Mother Nature nicely to hold back the main part of the storm until I make it home.

Speaking of weather and Mother Nature I hope all those in the area of yesterday's earthquake are safe and damage free. The earthquake that struck Virginia was felt all the way here in NY. It was the strangest feeling I have ever had. I was sitting at my desk at work when I felt myself rocking. I felt odd (hard to explain it even) and thought I was rocking my desk chair involuntarily. Very weird. (You see, I often hum to myself when I concentrate and thought, Oh no, now I am going to start rocking too?!?!) I decided to go out and talk a walk around the block to clear my head. It was when I got back a few minutes later that I heard about the earthquake and realized that it was the quake that made my chair rock not me. I have family in the area of the quake and while one of my cousins had some damage to her home everyone is fine. So there were some worrisome tense moments yesterday.

On a much lighter note I bring you a new Rory Story. Sit back and relax. I hope you enjoy it.

Rory on an August afternoon.

Gee, Mom, I am such a good boy aren't I? See how nicely I pose for the camera.
(A few minutes later)

Okay. I think I have been good long enough. Is Mom looking?
I don't see her.
Now which one should I grab first?

I see one I can grab.
Now where did these come from?

But Mom, they fell off the line all by themselves.

Honest, they did.

Here you go Mom. And they only have a few holes in them.
The end.

What a silly boy. How can I ever stay angry when you make me laugh so.

To all who are in the projected path of Hurricane Irene (and I have family from Norfolk, VA, to New York. Many in the Hurricane's path.) May we all stay dry and may our electricity stay on!

Until next time.............
Love and stitches
and licks from Rory too


Lisa Dunn said...

What a cute Rory story! He is the most handsome boy! I love his beautiful face. :o)

I like Her Majesty. It is very cute. I look forward to seeing your other one finished. :o)

Be careful of the hurricane. It would be much better to delay your trip home than get caught in it! (Take extra stitching just in case.):o) I will be thinking about you and all your family. Enjoy the wedding!

Kerry said...

Well Kathy that was quite a post. Please be careful driving in the bad weather that is expected. Here in Ontario, Canada we felt the earthquake too. And the story of Rory, only owners of Irish Setters know how devilish they can be, the good news is that you laugh right along at all their antic's
Have a good week end at your wedding, be safe.

Katrien said...

Lol, love the Rory story :-)
Congrats on your finish, it's beautiful.

Jennifer said...

Safe travels!! Long Island summer traffic is no fun even when it's dry - hopefully the hurricane has some courtesy and lets you guys get home safe and sound!

Vicky L said...

Her Majesty came out wonderful. I might have to stitch that one for my sister. We always tease her as Her Majesty. Rory's story is adorable. He is so beautiful.

Susan Mullen said...

Kathy, I'm seeing your blog for the first time. Your stitching is excellent! And Rory is just too cute. I found your blog on your post to the Oakhaven Designs email list.

Emily in NC said...

He did NOT do that, he is just so silly, how great that you had your camera and could catch him in action. Like your finish and the Dandy Dreams looks really nice. Glad to hear your family is okay. Have fun at the wedding.

Kathy A. said...

Oh that Rory - are you sure he isn't a person. He has to be the funniest dog ever and his face is just so sweet.
Love your finish!
Be careful on your travels northeast.

CalamityJr said...

Oh, Rory! I can just imagine Woody doing something like that and how hard it is to tell him he's bad when it's so funny! Be safe in your travels, Kathy!

EvalinaMaria said...

Rory is adorable, the story is cute and your stitching is fantastic!

Margaret said...

Love the stitching -- congrats on the finish! I love it! Love the Rory story too -- he's such a cutie, if a bit naughty. lol!

I'm really nervous about this hurricane, aren't you? I hope you get home before the storm hits for sure. I'm very familiar with the drive ahead of you -- we had to go to Rochester for NYSSMA All State last year. Looooong drive, and we're a bit closer than you too.

Wasn't that earthquake weird? You described the feeling perfectly. I thought I'd managed to rock myself too! Then I noticed things wiggling that shouldn't be wiggling and I realized. Argh!

I'll be thinking of you Sunday. Good luck! Drive safe!

VinGirl said...

His guilty photo is too funny! Based on the next one I'm not sure he's remorseful though. *lol*

Maggee said...

I am from San Francisco, and when the quake started I ;just' thought I was dizzy (had an episode last week, so...)When I figured out it was an earthquake, and went out in the lobby, people were coming downstairs from my office saying what's going on? I said it was an earthquake and the looks of surprise and incredulity were so funny! I experienced one of the longer, larger aftershocks at 11:30 which woke me up! THAT made my bp go up again!! Love the Rory story! We are traveling to Maryland tomorrow so don't know what to expect when we go home Sunday! Hope Irene is gentle to our home! Hugs!

Shelley said...

Rory is such a cutie, who could ever stay mad at a face like that, lol!

Your stitching looks fabulous. Congrats on the one finish and the second near finish.

I hope your trip is worry free from the hurricane. Sending my nice thoughts to Mother Nature for you :)

Diane Williams said...

You know who I'm thinking of when I see naughty Rory? Of course you do!

Great photos!

April Mechelle said...

Love the Queen stitching. I will be thinking about you and Rory Sunday. I will say a little prayer ya'll make it home safe. Have a great weekend at the wedding. I love Rory helping with the drying of your laundry.. lol

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

What an adorable baby!!!

Gabi said...

Awww...Rory is really too cute to be mad at. He's adorable and he knows that quite
Congrats to your beautiful finish. Its lovely. So is your Wip.

Sarah said...

OH such a handsome boy is Rory and what is it with dogs and underwear!! Beautiful stitching and a wonderful finish.

blueladie said...

Kathy, love the pieces you chose to stitch! Look wonderful. Always, always love your Rory stories. He's such a sweetheart. TFS. Cathryn

Aussie stitcher said...

Every time I see Rory photos, I just want to kiss those floppy ears!! Seriously he looks like the most cared for dog I have ever seen!

Hope all goes well re the hurricane, and congrats on the finishes (something I rarely accomplish!)
Julie in Australia

Helen K-J said...

Safe travels up to my neck of the woods. Rocco, Chloe (my husky mix and husky) and I will watch Rory while you're at the wedding! If you have time, you should check out Golden Thread Needlearts in East Rochester. Yep, I'm an enabler!

Pam in IL said...

I think I've fallen in love with Rory! That story is the best and the pics really show his personality (of course, I've been able to see that mischief in his eyes all along!). Nice finish too!

Sunshine said...

Congrats on your finish! Sending Prayers you make it home safely. So glad Rory will be with you.
Love the Rory Story and the Great pics! Thanks for sharing!!! happy Stitchin!

Vonna said...

I love your finish :)
It is stunning and I love that WIP too...not to mentions your flowers clipped for the photos! Beautiful!
Master Rory and you please have a safe trip to and from your nephew's wedding. I will keep you in my prayers for safe travel and no bad weather.


Marjorie said...

I love the LHN piece, and REALLY love Dandy Dreams--it is coming along quickly! I envy you having a finish, it seems I am stitching all the time now but still just have piles of half-finished projects lol. I will be thinking of you on Sunday--hope you return from your travels safely!

mdgtjulie said...

Ah, the trouble our dogs get into!!! Geez, I think Rory is a troublemaker!! Great pics though. He's adorable, and such a ham! Sorry about the clothes though. Now they need to be rewashed, silly dog! Your finish is cute. And I really like Dandy Dreams. Can't wait to see your finish for that. I hope you enjoy your trip thoroughly, and make it home in time to batten down the hatches. Have said a prayer for everyone in Irene's path, and am hoping along with you there is no appreciable damage and no loss of life. Glad your family all came through the quake okay too. Something to be thankful for!!

Meari said...

Hahaha... Too funny about the laundry.

Congrats on your finishes.

Have a safe trip to and from the wedding. Hope you don't get caught in the hurricane.

Anonymous said...

Lovely finishes and your flowers are so pretty.

Have a safe trip and hope you get home before Irene (hurricane) comes.

Rory is having fun with your laundry.


Nancy M said...

I always think of you when I hear about Long Island. I hope you can return safely and that Irene takes the ocean view and not the land! Your WIP is very pretty and your queen finish is perfect. Rory is a gem for sure!

Pumpkin said...

Lovely finish Kathy! And your WIP is coming along very nicely. I love this pattern.

ROFL!!!! Rory never leaves you with a dull moment ;o)

Stay safe!

Renee said...

Very nice stitching!!! Rory is just so cute!!

Carol said...

I love your newest Rory story, Kathy--the look on his face in the "But, Mom, they fell off the line all by themselves" photo is priceless. What a smart dog he is!!

Love your newest finish and wonderful progress on Dandy Dreams. I do hope you can squeeze your trip in before Irene makes her presence known--very scary for the whole east coast. Take care now...

Milly~ said...

Your new finish is incredible. What a darling piece. And oh my how can you stay angry at Rory indeed especially when he puts on that innocent face. LOL!

Kay said...

That is a funny Rory story! Our pets sure do know how to make us laugh! Your finish is beautiful and your wip is as well, looking forward to seeing how it turns out! Be safe when you are in New York, it sounds like the weather is going to be frightful out there this weekend.

Cait said...

I am a frst-timer with your blog and so pleased to meet you and Rory. That you love him despite his antics shows in his beautiifully shiny coat. I have had a black lab for the last year of her life and mourn for her still. My previous babies were English Springers. One traditional body type and one Clumber Spaniel body type. In my past years i had a Dauchshund, Shepherd, Basset and mixed poodle-non standard. She was small, but not teacup. They make me nervous with their frail appearance. So I know about all the foibles of those canine persuasions and will look forward to catching up with Rory's adventures. He is well loved and he is so very lucky. I am honored to count you as a friend. Many, many huggs from me to you and please give Rory one too.

Veronica said...

Congrats on finishing Her Majesty. It's cute. I love Dandy Dreams. It's on my wish list. Would you be willing to sell it to me after you finish it?

Please take care and stay safe for your trip. Hope you have fun. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts.

Thanks for sharing that little story of Rory. He made me laugh too :)


Berit said...

lol Rory! Hope all went well with you for the storm this weekend! There is flooding near us, and some power outages, too, but thankfully we experienced neither!

Lisa Dunn said...

I hope you made it home okay! And that all is well with your home.

♥marylin♥ said...

absolument merveilleux !
I love you dog !!!!
marylin FRANCE

Suzanne said...

I had to laugh at Rory, although I am sure it's not funny when there are holes in your clothes.

I love your finish and the progress on Dandy Dreams.

Heidi said...

You are such a sweetie Rory that you mommy could never be mad about your helping her with the clothes. :-)

Love your finish but really love the Dandy Dreams! That is just the sweetest design and sentiment.

Hugs from Holland ~

Chiara said...

your dog is veery beatiful, years ago had a setter Irish, the better and sweet dog of the earth.

Kelly said...

Wow, I love your finish!
Thank you for sharing Rorys story, made me giggle lol x

Siobhan said...

Rory is too cute!

Congratulations on the finish!! It looks great, as does your WIP. I hope you didn't have any damage from Irene.

Marexstitch said...

Wonderful stitching and love the Rory shots!

And This Little Pig said...

Hey Kathy I sent you an email. You and Rory OK? Missing you both.

LiBBiE in Oz