Monday, June 1, 2009

Rory, my Birthday and stash

What a gorgeous day it is here. Not only is the weather beautiful but it is my Birthday!

I had been dreading today. I hate turning another year older. (Yes, I am vain about my age.) But especially because this is the first one without my Mom. My Mom always did something special for me. And even though she was so sick, last year was no exception. Her gift to me was walking the length of the house with her walker. And she did! What made it sad was that it was the last time she did it. The next day she went into congestive heart failure and her physical condition weakened even more. Even the hospice nurse predicted that she only had two more days!! (Mom fooled them all since she fought and remained with me for another six months!) But she was unable to walk more than a couple of feet after that. Special days like this I miss her so much.

Yes, I feel a little sad but now I have this little guy to help keep me smiling. And boy, does he ever. Sweet and loving and FULL of mischief! And smart as a whip. In one weeks time he has learned sit and down. To stay off the kitchen counters and table. That the furniture is his and that the cat is fun to chase. We are still working on not pulling and chewing my clothes, the cushions on the furniture (he loves to pull them off), the throws from the furniture, the tablecoth, my toes, my shoes and slippers. I can't wait for the teething stage to end in about three to four months.
Whew. I had forgotten how much work a puppy is! It has been fifteen years since I've had a puppy. I'll tell you I am tired at the end of the day. Heck, by lunchtime! But it is so worth it. I am so thankful for this birthday (and Christmas) gift from my brother. I really didn't even realize how much I missed having a dog.

Speaking of gifts. I belong to a Birthday exchange group, part of the ILCS yahoo group. And these wonderful ladies sent me some really great stitchy gifts. THANK YOU ALL!

What did I get? Lots of patterns, some linen, floss a couple of stitched gifts and, well, the pictures below will show you all the really great stash I've gotten.
Top left are from Lisa and Tracy. Top right from Mary and Jennifer. Bottom left from Ashrei and Debbie Jo. Bottom right from Rene.
Above from Debra. Thank you so very much Girlfriend! I LOVE it all!!

To the right from Evalina. I can't wait to start this swan.
Below is from Carolyn. I am definitely starting this one tonight!

Close up of the gorgeous fob was made and sent to me by my sweet friend Carolyn.

And from another online group I belong to has a Birthday card and floss exchange. From that one I have a ton of new floss to add to my collection. Again. Thank you Ladies. This has been so much fun.
Now to see if my little guy will let me get some stitching in today.
Until next time ...........
Love, stitches and licks
and Rory too


Mary said...

Happy Birthday! What wonderful gifts..the best has to be Rory though! What a cutie pie! HUGS!

Alice said...

Happy Birthday girl!!! I had no idea. Love all the stash you got but Rory is just precious!!! Love the couch photo. I can tell that will be his spot from now on. : ))

Ranae said...

Look at that sweet face!
You received many nice packages
Happy Birthday! and many many more

Mel said...

Happy Birthday!
What great cards and stash additions you have been sent!
And Rory is so cute laying there. ;)

Meari said...

I'm glad you had a great birthday, Kathy! Happy, Happy, Birthday to you!!

htimcj said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you have had a decent day at least. You should get your ILCS birthday club present from me tomorrow. Sorry it is late. I love your dog! Such a cutie!

5footrunt said...

Glad you had a nice birthday. You have some very nice stash to choose your next stitching project from. It will be nice to see them completed in time. Happy that your bonding well with your new puppy.

Jan said...

Happy Birthday, Kathy! You got some lovely stitchey gifts, wow!!

Rory is surely a darlin boy! Know he is work, but all of that loven'? So worth it!!

Know your momma is smiling down on you today!

Donna said...

Happy birthday, sweet friend.

Patti said...

Happy Birthday and you did really good girl on the present front. Lots of Love Patti xxx

Nancy said...

Wow, that birthday club is something! Great gifts to warm the heart. And Rory to warm your feet, if need be! Glad you had a happy day! Happy Birthday

Daffycat said...

Happy birthday, Kathy! Many happy returns!

There is nothing like a puppy to warm your heart...AND keep you on your toes! Rory is such a cutie!

Carolyn NC said...

So glad your BD turned out better than you'd thought. It's hard to fully enjoy special days sometimes when you miss your loved ones. Rory is so adorable - love the byplay. I was totally impressed when you started out with the sitting, staying off the counter, etc. (wondering what in heaven's name we're doing wrong!) But then you continued... haha. We do love our babies. I hope you enjoy all your new stash - it all looks wonderful! Glad you liked the fob - don't know if you noticed, but the shamrocks are just for you!

Lou's addictions said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Looks like you got loads of great stuff, plenty to keep you busy.

Rory is just adorable, he's so gorgeous


Debra said...

happy birthday! Wow you received a lot of great gifts.

Gabi said...

I hope you had a great birthday Kathy. Your gifts are all lovely. But that little guy is the greatest gift isn't he? He'll keep you busy and will make sure that there won't be much room for sad thoughts. :)

Cindy F. said...

Happy belated Birthday Kathy!!!
WOW!! Did you ever get a lot of wonderful gifts!! How exciting!

I'm so happy you have Rory:)and I love hearing your puppy stories!!

Siobhan said...

Happy belated birthday, Kathy!! Big hugs, I know 'the first one without' is really hard. I'm glad to see, though, that you were thoroughly spoiled, and that pup of yours is just adorable.

Chrizette said...

Wow, what a wonderful gift day!! And I love you little Rory boy! He is just too cute!

CindyMae said...

Happy Late birthday!!! Rory looks just gorgeous! Wow, look at all those goodies you got! What great stuff, every single bit of it!!

Anonymous said...

Just trying to catch up on my favorite bloggers... Some lovely gifts & great photos of your pal. I see why you are in such puppy love!