Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Post 10 or Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

A little background.......... my Mom has been in ill health for a while now. Each hospital stay, each illness leaves her physically weaker. I am her primary care giver and much of my free time is devoted to taking care of her. (When I'm not stitching that is.)

The last few months she hasn't been sleeping all that well and awakens often during the night. And of course that means I am awake too. Some nights there are real reasons for her not sleeping. Such as her stomach acting up or breathing difficulties. But most nights she just can't sleep. I often tell her that's because she sleeps too much during the day! Ya think?? :)

Anyway, this brings us to last night. (Forgive me if I fall asleep as I type. LOL)

I get my Mom to bed, washed, meds, pj's and tucked in by 9:30 PM. Most nights I go to bed around 10. But last night I wanted to stay up and see the new Law and Order:SVU. (I just LOVE that show. Elliott can put his shoes under my bed anytime!) So now I am a little later than usual. 11:15 PM Mom is moaning and making humming noises. I go see if something is wrong. She says nothing, she just can't sleep. So I give her a tylenol in the hopes that it will help her relax and go to sleep. It works. Off to bed.

1 AM I hear AAAAAAAAAAA, (breath) AAAAAAAAAAAA. It's Mom. I go and see what's wrong. I ask her "Mom, what's the matter?" AAAAAAAAAAAAAA is Mom's reply. Again I ask "Mom, what's the matter? " Again the answer is AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA After a few more repeats she finally says, "I already told you. AAAAAAAAAAA"

?????????? Huh?? Now I can often figure out what might be wrong but this one stumped me. So I asked to please go to sleep since I have to go to work which means getting up at 4AM! 15 minutes later she does and so do I until 3 AM and I hear "dee, dee, dee, dee, dee, ....." (kind of sounds like the theme from Batman. LOL)

I go in and ask what's wrong now. "I just wanted to see you." Sigh. How can you get upset with that?

Back to bed and a very short time later the alarm goes off. Of course Mom is now sleeping very peacefully. LOL

Oh well, I had to laugh at the "I already told you" line. But I still have to figure out what AAAAAAAAAA means. :)

Oh, the best part of today so far? I commute by train to the City (that's New York City) and I catch a little sleep on the morning train. Well, my train was 2 hours late this morning so I had a really good nap. :)

Love and stitches


Donna said...

Check my blog tomorrow for the winner of the contest you entered. It will be in by 10:00 CT. Good luck!

Ruth said...

:) Yes, you have to love "I just wanted to see you"-- possibly not so much love in the middle of the night, but.... :)

May tonight bring you and mom better sleep.

Carolyn NC said...

Hope both of you get more sleep tonight!

Nancy said...

That would drive my nuts!! But I am a bear when I have my sleep interrupted!! If your train is late, does your work care??

Mare said...

Aaaaa, I am sure glad you are able to nap. I can not nap on trains, planes or buses & boy do I wish I could. Apparently my shoulders are very cozy because fellow commuters have no problem nodding off.