Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Post 9-- photos galore

While Monday started off slow. It ended on a pleasant note.

I got home last evening to a package on my front steps. The final package in the latest round of Secret Stitcher/Sister exchange in one of my yahoo groups. This package had taken it's own sweet time to arrive. Apparantly it landed in the postal system in Jersey City, NJ, on November 4th!!! Numerous phone calls Friday to try and track it down proved fruitless. But I must have stirred something up because here it was on my steps on Monday. :)

And what a wonderful package it was! I was spoiled rotten by my SS. The photo is just the third and last package that she sent. The photo below is the sweet piece that she stitched for me. I am bringing it to my office. This way I'll see it at least 5 days a week. LOL

And who is this She, my wonderful SS? Why it's Debbie Jo! Thank you so very, very much.

I can also show off another finish today. The track and confirm from the post office says that the ornament I made for another exchange has arrived at its new home. I love the one my partner, Elaine, sent to me. I hope she likes hers.

Here is the ornament she stitched and sent to me. Isn't it sweet. Little did she know that I already have a number of cardinal ornaments for my tree. This one is perfect!

Have a great day!

Love and stitches



Sadie said...

Oh, what a lovely package! Your ornies are very cute too.

sales said...

What a wonderful package. I am glad that it finally made it.

Rene la Frog said...

Great package but I already knew what was in it hehehe

Love the ornies

Debra said...

Nice package and the ornaments are very nice too.
Debra in Indiana

Debbie Jo said...

I sure had a good time spoiling you. I am tickled to death that you were to pleased.

Shari said...

what a great SS gift!!!! Love it!!
And the ornaments!!! Both are adorable!!!! A person can never have too many ornaments!!!!!

Petra said...

Beautiful pieces! What a commute to the city...I live in northern NJ and commute to Newark...I'm just glad it's not Manahattan!

Nancy said...

Nice package and exchanges! Looks like it brightened your day!

Anonymous said...

Great pack and stitched piece! Love the ornies!