Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving to all

The turkey is stuffed and in the oven. My Mom is resting and I can relax. I have a bit of time before the potatoes, turnip and sweet potatoes need to be done.

I hope everyone has a delicious and happy Thanksgiving with good food and those they love.

This year has been one filled with sorrow and joy. But I am especially thankful that my Mom has pulled through some difficult health problems. The time I have with her is a blessing each day.

I am thankful for being blessed with wonderful online friends who have added their prayers and support to mine for my Mom. My online friends have helped pull me through some hard emotional times this year. Thank you my friends and Bless you all.

Love and stitches


Meari said...

Happy Thanksgiving Kathy!

Lee said...

You've started a nice blog here! I was happy to read your recent posts and get to know you a little.

Keep it up and you'll find us out here cheering for you!

Anonymous said...

Gobble Gobble Friend! Our big bird means left overs galore which = less cooking for me.