Monday, December 1, 2008

Posting 14--Exchange day 1

I think I'm suffering from PHSD. (That's post holiday stress disorder.) LOL I'm at work but can't get motivated. Oh well, I guess I'll check out blogs for a bit and update mine.
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Mine was mixed. Thanksgiving was quiet and Mom enjoyed her dinner. Oh so did I. BUT there is just too much darn work involved for such a tasty meal. All that time I could have been stitching instead of cooking and cleaning up!!
Friday and Saturday were laundry and errands. You know the usual weekend stuff. And Sunday was to be the day for ME. Yeah, right. My Mom had other ideas. :( A rather rough day. Something was bothering her but she never did tell me what it was. :( I guess she just didn't want me to sit and relax. :)
On the stitching front I don't have any finishes from this past week but have three that are very close. Oh wait, I did have one finish but I can't show it yet. It's for an exchange that starts today. I do have one finish from October that I'll update now. Just to include a stitchy photo in today's posting. :) I am sure my secret stitcher received it, at least I hope she has, even if she hasn't posted. I hope she liked it. I sent this to my secret stitcher in the last SS round on ILCS. It was sent to her in late October. I think it turned out cute.
I also spent part of this last weekend kitting up and starting some new projects. I have five more things I'd like to get done for Christmas gifts. Nothing like waiting for the last minute. LOL I managed to get to the sale at Joann's fabrics and found some great fabrics to use for the flat folds I have in mind. If I actually get the stitching done that is. :) Wish me luck. :)
Today begins the 12 days of Christmas exchange. We are supposed to open one gift each say until the 12th and that one will reveal who are partner is. Above is a photo of my 12 wrapped gifts. I just love presents and surprises so I couldn't wait to start opening. I opened day one before I got Mom up this morning. And here is what I got:
Since I am diabetic I'll give the lollipop to one of my nephews.

Now to see what day two brings. :)
Well, I am off to check out a few more blogs.
Until next time
Love and stitches


Mare said...

What a cute finish! I just hate it when SS's are unresponsive. It is such a fun exchange when people play nicely.

Mylene said...

That's a lovely fob you send for your SS. Enjoy the x'mas packages.

Wendy said...

I love the Halloween fob, especially the cute little pumpkin in the corner! The 12 days of presents sounds like a great idea!!

Nancy said...

Must have missed this somehow. The fob is very cute. Too bad your SS isn't playing nice and acknowledging. I think that why I don't do lots of exchanges....