Tuesday, December 30, 2008

After Christmas update--Part two or Christmas S.E.X.

As promised here is my update part two. Lets begin with some CHRISTMAS S.E.X.

That got your attention. :) For those non-stitchers: No, I didn't get lucky. Yeah, I know, Darn it. :) Stash Enhancement eXperience. S.E.X. :)
One of my nieces gave me a very generous Christmas gift (Thank you Jenn) and another niece gave me some spending cash (Thank you Sandy). I added to that the few bucks I had set aside for a trip to the my LNS, the Lazy Daisy Stitchery. So on the day after Christmas I was able to take advantage of their day after sale. 30 percent off all patterns and precut fabrics!!! Whooooooooo Hooooooo did I have some great S.E.X. See the photo below for my haul.
Not bad, huh?

Two other gifts that I opened Christmas day were enclosed in my Christmas cards from Meari and Rene. They both sent me the prettiest handmade beaded scissor fobs. Unfortunately the photos are awful but I'll post them here anyway. As soon as I download better ones I'll change these. The blue one is from Rene and the pink and red one from Meari. I love them both. Aren't they pretty?

Now to find scissors that will go with these beautiful fobs. Thank you so very much Rene and Meari for brightening my Christmas morning.

Much of December is a blur to me. but shortly before Christmas I received two other packages in the mail. I apologize for not publicly acknowledging these before. But like I said there were too many days that blended together. :)
First up is a prize I won from a drawing that Michelle held on her blog. I do remember her email telling me I won and then promptly forgot until the package arrived. Thank you Michelle. Greek chewing gum too!!

And among the Christmas cards and condolence cards I also received the sweetest condolence note and a special RAK (random act of kindness) from another stitching friend, Dani. Thank you Dani.

To those who have left comments--Thank you so very much. I treasure each and every one.

To those who commented on my cheesecake. Yes, it is baked. I'll post the recipe on tomorrows post.

Until then

Love and stitches



Meari said...

Great stash haul, Kathy!! You DID get lucky ;-)

Daffycat said...

Oh Lord, what gorgeous stash. Have loads of fun!

Ellen said...

Great stash, have fun stitching.


Cindy F. said...

Wow Kathy! What awesome stash AND gifts!! Love it all!!!

Nancy said...

I'd really like to ZOOM in on your photo.... I need some good SEX! LOL Love the Button and Bead kits, have 9 of them! All in all sounds like you are returning to the Kathy we know and love!

Donna said...

SEX is always good. You have been blessed. Good for you!

Carolyn NC said...

Wow - gotta love stash - enjoy!

Patricia said...

WOOO HOOOO great sex there Kathy.
Thinking of you and wishing you all the best in 2009

Rene la Frog said...

I'm glad you liked your fob and hope you can use it.

Great stash....should keep you stitching all year.

Little Rabbit Miniatures said...

hugs from Greece!
great stash too!

Debra said...

great stash and wonderfu gifts.
Debra in Indiana

Meowstitcher said...

WOW look at the stash...tell me what all did you get. The fobs and other items are great gifts. enjoy it all. hugs, Marta

Vickie said...

Fabulous shopping!!! I am glad you got to enjoy a little stash shopping.