Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Post 15--a rememberance, an update and exchange day 2

December 2, 2002. That is the date my Dad passed away. Dad, you are forever in my heart. Though there were times that our relationship was strained I always remained your "little girl". I miss you and remember the good times often. The long Sunday rides to find just the right spot for sleigh riding, the summer Sundays at the ocean, the family packed into the station wagon trying to stay awake for the second feature at the drive-in movies, me bringing the nieghborhood children to stand in front of the television to see the baby white mice while you were trying to watch the football game, holiday dinners, thoserare times we were all together and many more memories. Love you Dad.

"On the second day of Christmas my exchange partner gave to meeeeeeeeeee........."

A package of tissues and three pencils.

I wonder what day three will bring?

I managed to get a bit of stitching done last night. My Mom was a bit better when I got home and slept better too. Thank goodness. I really needed the sleep.

I am hoping to get a finish in tomorrow, Wednesday, since I have to stay home. My Mom's aide can't make it.

My list of to do for tomorrow:
1. get the front yard raked and leaves bagged so I can start putting out some Christmas decorations.
2. bring my house Christmas decorations up from the basement. (that's four 40 gallon bins worth)
3. Decorate the house or at least get it started
4. finish stitching one of my current WIPs (a gift for one of my sisters)
5. run to the grocery store for a few things I didn't get Saturday.
6. Make a turkey pot pie with the rest of the leftovers
7. start my Christmas cards
8. I am sure there is something else but I haven't had enough coffee to think yet. LOL

Well, I'll be happy if I get just part of that list done. :)

Wish me luck. :)

Until next time,
Love and stitches


sales said...

Sorry to hear about your Dad. You will always remember him. You have some nice gifts from the ILCS 12 days exchange.

Patricia said...

Great blog Kathy looks like you have some nice gifts so far from the 12 days of Christmas it is a neat idea I love it, but due to money constraints I didn't go into it this year.

Beth said...

Kathy, just reading your to-do list makes me tired! It's my "day off" today and I haven't gotten out of my pj's at 3pm! I still have some Christmas presents/RAKs to package up and go to the post office, but there's one close by that's open til 6pm. I was also hoping to do some grocery shopping tonight. We'll see how much I get done! Good luck with yours!


Carolyn NC said...

My dad died in Dec., too - you always remember. Nice exchange gifts.

Irene said...

My Dad passed Dec.15/05 and I too have my 83 year old Mom living with me. It's not always easy.