Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Post 16 or exchange day three

Well, I haven't yet started my to do list. Too chilly to rake leaves, I haven't finished my pot of coffee, I just HAVE to post my day three exchange photo,........

I know, procrastination is my middle name. LOL
The gift for day three in our 12 days of Christmas exchange is a photo mouse pad with a calendar. It is pretty neat.
I wonder what my secret Santa has in my day four package?
I guess I better go get something done today. :) Stitching sounds good to me.
Until next time.........
Love and stitches


Carolyn NC said...

Too cute!

kaghos said...

oh look you can see the date while
the mouse goes roundy roundy.
I know you will find the perfect photo. did you ever consider maybe
having a photo of your favorite cross stitch be placed in the photo spot so it would look like you put the real thing in there, that would be awesome

Irene said...

I'm always looking for a calendar, that would handy.