Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008

And good riddance!

Normally I dislike New Year's eve and see it as the end of another year that I didn't do such and such or go wherever. I have always found it to be the second most depressing day of the year.

But not this year. 2008 will go in my diary as one of , if not THE worse year of my life. It began in early January 08 with my Mom's first of four hospital stays. And she continued to get weaker as the year passed. And as her health declined my worry and fears grew. That brings us top December 6th. The day my Mom passed. I miss you so Mom.

2008 also saw three other family passings. An uncle in April, a great aunt in July and a great uncle in October. Not a good year.

The photo above sums up my sentiment for 2008. I made this for one of my sister's 50th birthday this past July.

So you see this is one year I am not at all sorry is almost over. Only five or so hours to go.


I am hoping the upcoming year will bring me healing. But most of all my wish for all my family and friends is that 2009 bring us all good health, good friends, love, laughter, peace and lots of wonderful stitching.

Happy New Year to all!

Love and stitches


Tracey said...

I'm with ya Kathy! This has been a crappy year for us too, especially these last 6 months or so. I am hoping for a better 2009!

Donna said...

While 2008 has not been too bad a year for me (I managed to not have to go to the ER or hospital this entire year! Woo Hoo!), I know it has been a hard year for you. I pray 2009 will be a great year for you!

Carolyn NC said...

So sorry you had such a hard year - hope that time passing will ease your pain and that 2009 will be much better.

Meowstitcher said...

Kathy, yep 2008 was rough! But 2009 is here and together we will support each other and make it the best possible! 2009 I pray will bring you the comfort you need. On the other hand, I LOVE you finish! Where did you get that design - that is going on my MUSH HAVE it list. hugs. Just an email away,Marta

mainely stitching said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear how awful 2008 has been. I really do hope that the New Year will bring a lot of healing and happiness.

Nancy said...

I hope the best for you in 2009!

Cindy F. said...

Kathy, you really did have a very sad and heartbreaking year. I am so sorry for your losses, especially your mom's passing. I pray 2009 will be your year, full of nothing but happiness, healing, good health and prosperity. Sending you big Texas size hugs and hoping your heart heals again.

Janice said...

Kathy, I am sorry you had such a sad and difficult year, especially the passing of your mom. I hope only the best for you in 2009. You have some beautiful stitching. I especially like Holly & Berries. Take care and prayers to you and your family.

Meari said...

Happy New Year, Kathy!

Mylene said...

Happy New yEar and best wishes for 2009!!